Monday, April 3, 2017

Haley's Sweet 16 Celebrations

Ali always takes pictures of her girls holding up their current age the night before their birthday. I have always thought it was a cute idea. I had Haley do it and realized this will be the last year she can do it. Where has the time gone. I can't have two teenage drivers. They were just babies yesterday.

AND just like that she's 16. 

We started her birthday with her favorite breakfast before church.

We decided to have a family pizza party right after church on her birthday.

Per Haley's request we had set up a photobooth.

We decided to have Haley's party the next weekend. She decided to get a limo and invite a few friends to go downtown to dinner. They came back to the house for dessert.

Haley drove me to Millington to pick up her cake.

Allie came in town from Indiana. We were so excited to see her. This was the best present Haley could have gotten. 

Photo Booth Time






 After dessert the girls hung out for a little bit.

Lily being silly!

We played card while we waited for the kids to get back for dessert.

It snowed a few inches that night but nothing stuck to the roads.

The next day Haley & Allie decided to light the lanterns since they couldn't the night before because of the snow.

I hear them yell the grass is on fire. I thought the wax candle fell out and would just die because it was wet from the snow. Then I heard a louder yell. I went outside to find this...

These two are a hoot together. When Robbie told them it would grow back really green they asked him if he wanted them to burn the rest of the yard. LOL

She passed! She's officially legal to drive by herself!

Happy Sweet 16 baby girl. We love you so much! We are so glad you enjoyed your weekend!

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