Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve morning I picked up Monica and we headed to Waffle House to see Ms. Wanda. She is one of our custodians at school. We all decided to go see her throughout the morning and leave her a little extra tip. :) We love Ms. Wanda. 

When I got home we had a little time before the Stokes Christmas Eve Party so we headed to get pictures with Santa at SY Wilsons.  This is the only way Hannah would get a picture with Santa.
Hunter and Haley were less than thrilled about getting their picture made with Santa but I had to have one. They are growing up to fast.

We love going to spend time with the Stokes on Christmas Eve. We have been doing this since the kids were babies. We don't get to see them often so it is always extra special.

This crew has been getting in trouble together for a looooooong time.

Yolanda sent Hannah her very own Christmas light necklace.

On Christmas Eve I sent this picture to Ali. She sent me one back. We love the Mills girls and are so thankful for technology. I feel a trip to Indy coming soon!

Last year Amy started a tradition of doing a Christmas light scavenger hunt after the Hannah dinner on Christmas Eve. Our team won!!!
We had fried deer tenderloin for our Christmas morning breakfast.

Santa was really good to Hunter & Haley.

Robbie & the kids got me a new gun & a lot of bullets to practice. Rob and I are signed up to get our carry permit in January.

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year. What a joy it was to get to worship on Christmas Day.

After church we went to Mamaw & Papaw's for lunch. Which meant we could practice shooting my new gun. :)

Wrapping paper wars!

Rob and I went to the cemetary to visit his mom & dad's grave. As we were walking to the car there was a buck & a doe standing a few 100 yards from the car.

When we got home we had to get ready for Christmas with my siblings. Which means pjs, a lot of junk food and chaos.

Beau photo bombed Heather's picture.

We had fun having Sydney with us this year.

I love this crazy group of people.

We had a very Merry "Memphis" Christmas! Everyone got a lot of Memphis stuff.

The week after Christmas Haley got her braces off. She said it was the best Christmas gift.

We kept Amy & Jason's dog while they went to Pennsylvania. I think everyone loved Harlo.

We got to meet David and Kim at the Cheesecake Factory. It was fun getting to spoil Jase & Torrey.

Hannah sure loves her Haleybug. We argue regularly about who loves her more.

Wow! I can't believe another year has come and gone. I just want time to slow down. We lost so many loved ones this year. We know we will see them again one day but our heart aches because we do not have them with us.

I feel blessed to have all of the people I have in my life. I love each and every one of them. I am so thankful for God's gifts!