Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Back to School

I can't believe I have a Senior and a Junior. Where has the time gone.


Jonah is in 8th grade, Carter is in 6th & Isabelle is in 3rd.

We had a great first week of school. I can't believe that my kiddos are growing up so fast!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Summer travel, friends, family & fun (WARNING LONG POST)

We started a new adventure this summer. Hunter decided to play with the Dirtbags out of North Carolina. This pic is just some of the stuff they gave him.

The first tournament was in Atlanta.

He got a little dirt on his Dirtbags uniform.

We have some free time so the kids wanted to do the obstacle course. Haley decided to stay at the hotel.

Hunter and Tate had fun playing King of the Mountain. It was so nice to hear them laughing and having fun outside of baseball.

This is what we did while they played. It was hard work.

We played cornhole. Robbie & Johnny beat everybody. The boys may have beat them once.

The few days we were home we hit the gym. Hunter is a hard worker.

Rob and I went to the movies. I love this man so much!

Mom bought dad tickets to the Woman's College World Series in Oklahoma. This picture is him and Brandon at one of the games.

We got to eat & catch up with the Crenshaws. The boys tore up Amanda's bean dip.

Mrs. Jones hosted another Bunco. It's always fun to hangout with these ladies.

I had to attend a two day training but it was ok because Beth entertained me.

Amy and I took Beau & Hunter to have their senior pictures made. I only cried once.

Hunter left for Team TN in McAlester, OK on Wednesday.

Spencer was excited to have his big brothers there.

We headed there on Friday.

I'm not sure what David was telling the girls but he kept them laughing. He nicknamed them Maverick and Goose because of their sunglasses.

Coach Ring had this picture taken of him, Hunter & Tate.

Rodney & Katie made sure the boys had a good time.

The boys had the camera in the dugout and took some crazy pics.

Hunter & Ryan made the All Tournament Team.

This is Hunter & Tate with Rudy & Robert. They hung out with them all week.

Eli, Tate, Hunter & Ryan

After the last game we went to Rodney & Katie's for the boys to shower. They bought us pizza then we headed home.

No wonder Hunter loves it here.

We are so thankful for the Stinchcombs and everything they have done for Hunter the past two summers. He loved staying with them. They will always be his OK family.

We swam at Amy's. Hunter had to get in a few pushups and Izzy wanted to help.

I love Sunday lunches with my favorite people.

Cade & Carter play together. They both love their big cousins.

Jenny, Carol & I enjoyed a lazy day by the pool before I had to leave again.

We flew to Tampa for Hunter's next tournament.

We had a 2 hour and 45 min delay in Atlanta.

Our plane from Atlanta to Tampa was awesome. You could watch movies & play games for free.

More uniforms!

We spent our free afternoon swimming and eating pizza by the pool.

Rob and I neither one like coffee so I am not sure where they got this from.

We spent a free day at the beach.

This pool was at Julie & Johnny's house they rented. We went there after the beach.

We were burnt after a day at the beach and pool.

We decided instead of waiting an extra day at the hotel we would rent a car and drive home. It was weird being in a little car.

Monica & I attended a training in New Orleans. We had a great time and learned alot.

We both took $20 to the casino. We are both so tight we wouldn't spend more than that. Needless to say we weren't there long.

These are my cheese sticks at Channing Tatum's restaurant. They were HUGE!

We got back on Thursday night around 10:30. At 5:00 am I jumped in the car with Carol & Cammy to meet my family in Atlanta for the World Wood Bat Tournament.

Griffin & Kevin came to watch Hunter & Tate.

We went and ate Mexican.

We visited the Phillips at their campsite.

Reese came to a game. Reese was a senior when Hunter was a freshman.

Hunter played left field most of the summer.

There is no courtesy runner for left field. LOL

We love going on the lake when we are in Atlanta.

We love spending time with the Kolwycks.

Our tournament unfortunately ended early for us so we decided to drive up to Indiana to take Haley to spend a week with Allie and surprise Ali Mills & the girls since they are only 30 more minutes north. Her mom was in on the surprise. I love this picture because it shows how much Allie loves my sweet girl. You don't find friends like that very often.
Haley had a blast staying with them for a week.

We were so excited to spend a few hours with Ali & the girls. We went and ate lunch then to a mud day. It did my heart good to hug all three of them. We love & miss them so much.

The girls rode with us to lunch. You can tell from the pic whose personalities are alike!!!

This was right before we left. We got hugs and kisses and took a little mud with us but we didn't care one bit.

On Thursday Julie, Lily & I left to meet the boys in SC. They had a team trip and we wanted to be there for the last game and spend a few days in Charleston before heading to their last tournament in Raleigh, NC.

Team Trip

 They won the  tournament. Now it was time for a few days of vacation before the last tournament.

I love this sweet family and have enjoyed traveling with them for all these years. We will miss them next summer.

We visited Fort Sumter. I guess I am a history geek. 

If you look close in the right corner you can see the hole where the soldiers nailed it back on the pole after it had been shot down. 

Beach Time!!!

I don't like my peeps being spread so far apart. 

View from Charleston

 Haley was at her Allie's in Indiana and got to see my Ali and the girls for breakfast. I love these sweet smiles. You can see the love.

 I had been away from my girl for 2 weeks and this was one of our daily facetimes. 

Tate pulled these pants out of his bag and said "Mom, I washed them"

Hunter found the biggest burrito right by NC campus.

One of the parents took them to the Durham Bulls Minor League game. 
 Tate, Aaron McKeithan, Hunter & Adam Hackenburg

Just like that travel ball is over. I am not sure how this happened so quickly. I remember it like it was yesterday, Hunter making the Arlington Tigers 8 year old team when he was 7 and thinking how fun it would be. Now we are done with travel ball.

After the game we were ready to hit the road. The boys didn't even want to shower. Everyone was ready to go home. Hunter & Tate hadn't been home in 3 weeks. 

 As we were heading home Haley was heading to Colorado with the girls to see Emily.

Haley & Izzy panned for gold. 
 They hiked

While Haley was in Colorado, Hunter went to the beach with Sydney's family.

We cooked out with Heather and Chad.

 FINALLY, I had all my peeps back in one place. I was so happy!!!

That about sums up our summer! It was fast!