Tuesday, December 27, 2016


December is always a busy, but fun month. I decided to do a post for everything leading up to Christmas then I will do a Christmas post. :)

December was uncharacteristically warm. We had many outside recess days. This is me, Mallory & Carol at recess.

Scrub shopping. Haley was so excited to get her scrubs. I can't wait to see what the future hold for this sweet girl.

The last week of school brought a lot of studying & finishing any make up work plus a field trip for Haley to the Medical Education Research Institute.

Dinner with Mamaw & Grandad is always fun!

The baseball team sold Christmas trees for a fundraiser. Hunter & Justin just hanging out at the tree lot. They did actually deliver a tree later that night.

We had two of the cutest sales people!

2nd grade invited 1st grade to celebrate Christmas with us. We had a joint Christmas party at our house.

Haley loves Caroline.


This is our 1st & 2nd Grade team minus a few who couldn't make it at the last minute.
Sherri Buchanan, Brittany Goodwin, Amber Zinn, Jenny Carter, Carol Harrison, Me, Leslie Gearhart
Beth C-May, Terri Freeman, Mallory Barnes, Laurie Huggins, Caroline Beard, Beth May

Last day of school fun!

Jenny was trying to get the other 1st & 2nd grade teachers to come get a pedicure too.

Hunter and Tate are two of the most determined teenagers I know.  They went and did crossfit then decided to go find somewhere to hit. They ended up at a church in Bartlett.

Hunter got to workout with his old football coach.  Hunter has always loved Coach Scott.

 We met Kevin, Monica & Kaity for dinner at Chili's then played cards at their house.

Rob & Hunter went hunting. I love when they send me pictures & videos from the stand.

We meet Justin & Amber & the kids for dinner. Harsson is growing up so fast.

This is our 2016 Christmas card.

I love these three.

Haley decided she wanted to finally spend her birthday money so we made a trip to SY Wilsons for a new dress & boots.

I love this handsome man. Now that the kids are getting older they don't always want to go with us. We have had a lot of meals just us lately. 

Hunter had a doctors appointment so I got a lunch date with him. 
 Dr. Scott always gives him a princess sticker.

Aunt Linda cooked us breakfast one morning. It was fun hanging out with her & uncle Bill.

Haley & I met Aunt Tommye, Morgan, Lynsey & Sissy for lunch. I'm glad Haley has girl cousins.

Haley & I met Julie & Lily for lunch. We had a blast laughing and talking. I thought they were going to kick us out of Mezcal.

The two are so super sweet. 

This was my favorite spot over the break. 

We are ready for Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mom's 60th Birthday

Mom kept telling us she didn't want a party so we decided to have a small gathering of people to celebrate her 60th birthday. lol

 Haley was sick and slept at the table until the food came.

Happy 60th Birthday to the best mom in the world!!!