Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Family Picture Day

I am usually the one taking pictures which can be stressful trying to get 20 people situated and smiling and jump in the picture at the last minute. After talking to Robbie, we decided it was time for a professional photo. The last time we did this Hunter and Haley were 9 and 8. 

First, a few candid pictures we took while Jerry was working his magic.

I had Shelli curl my hair because I knew I couldn't get it to look like she does.

My baby girl is so photogenic.

I snuck a picture of the McKay's while Jerry was getting in position.

 Dad and Beau are two peas in a pod. They are so much alike.

Tommie said she needed a picture with her fellow "in-laws" LOL

Now the real pictures...

 It all started with these two!

 Then it was this...

Now it's this...


Every family needs a Jason!

My family

Jamie's family

Amy's Family

Heather's family

 This was snapped walking out of the botanical gardens. Hunter and grandad walk just alike.

It was a fun day making memories and taking pictures we can treasure forever. 
I love my family!