Monday, October 24, 2016

September & October Fun

We went to Arlington night at the Redbirds game. 

Lily cheered so we cheered for Lily.
Hunter & Haley visited Tori to cheer her up after her knee surgery.

What's better than cheering on Florida State with one of your best friends/cousin.

We had our Freedom Walk at school and I snapped this cute picture of Izzy & Carter.

Robbie's company had their picnic. Hunter won $20 playing Bingo.

Hunter got invited to work out at the Boston Red Sox Tim Martin showcase in Ohio. We left after the football game Friday night and drove all night. He worked out Saturday and played Sunday and we came back home. It was a quick trip but we had fun. Carter went with us. He loves Hunter.

We were a little shocked when they put him on 2nd. But utility is utility. LOL

Shots & checkups done! Hunter is almost to long for the table. Haley doesn't like it when Dr. Scott tells her she is done growing. As you can see Hunter stole Haley's princess sticker so he has two. I guess you're never two old for stickers.

Mezcal with Hannah & Charlie is never dull.

Hunter, Jaylin & Chase went to the Memphis football game. Jaylin & Hunter plan to be roommates at Memphis. Jaylin committed the day after Hunter.

One good thing about your sister teaching at your kids high school is you randomly get fun pictures.

We celebrated Robbie's 44th birthday.

We celebrated Hunter's 17th birthday!
Birthday hugs from mamaw & grandad.

Dodie & Jeff got married on Hunter's birthday.
Handsome cousins

I got this pic from Amy before we got there.

My three favorite guys in the entire world.

I made my way to the girls dressing room.
This sweet girl is beautiful on the inside and out. She has been looking forward to being a bridesmaid for a year.

Yes, Hunter is taller than Robbie by a few inches.

I just don't know how these two grew up so fast. They can't be 17 and 15 1/2.

Since the wedding was on Saturday we had birthday celebrations on Sunday.

I love this cute photo bomb by Beau. He is a hoot.

Hannah got out there with everyone and played cornhole.

Hunter loving on Tori.
Jase wanted some love too.

More birthday festivities with the Crenshaw's. My birthday is 9/5, Trace is 9/11, Rob is 10/6, Hunter 10/8 and Amanda 10/15. We feel so blessed to have the Crenshaw's in our lives.
Hunter and Evan have been friends since they were 8.

While on Fall Break we decided to have a little shooting practice. We all headed to the deer land for the afternoon.

Being Haley's first time to shoot a gun she was a little nervous.

Shelli talked me into growing my bangs out so I've been frustrated with my crazy hair. I decided it was time to color & cut. While Shelli was working on me I took some crazy pics.

I had to put a finished pic because knowing me I will never get it to look like this again. :)

We all went for pizza & bowling.

Haley & her friend Tori.

Carter & Izzy were on my bowling team.

This was one of our first times meeting Sydney.

Everyone has been posting pics of their 901 rocks so here are mine. Amy & Izzy took them to hide.

Seeing these two all day makes my job so much more fun!

Wow that's a lot of pictures but I am finally caught up with blogging. I love my family & busy life. :)