Monday, September 5, 2016

Back to School & August

August started with a birthday lunch for Lily.

Hunter was invited to play for Team TN in the Future Games in Indiana.  Eli & Jaylen played too.

They were gone on our 22 anniversary so me, Haley & Mom went to Longhorn to celebrate. Rob, dad, Hunter & Beau went to Golden Corral in Indiana. (Rob let the boys pick) Even though we were apart on the actual anniversary we are so blessed to have each other everyday. I love Rob more today than the day we got married. He is an amazing husband and dad.

 Hannah was excited to see Hunter when he got home.

I love these two with all my heart. They make me so proud.
 This is the look you get when your brother is being silly.

First day of 11th & 10th grade. Be still my heart. Where has the time gone. I can't stand how fast the years are going by. Hunter reminds me daily he will be leaving for college in a few years. :(

 Izzy is in my class this year. Haley left Isabelle notes in her desk. She was so excited.

First Friday of school is always the Jamboree. We played at Houston. We won.  
 Hunter has to ride the bus to football games so me, Rob & Haley went out to eat pizza.
 We love our #81! We love Tate #17 too.
We love watching Lily cheer. She seems to have so much fun.

Heather & the kids spent the night on a school night so I had to snag this cute pic of the girls before breakfast. 

We finally started back to the gym. I love Haley's beautiful smile in this pic.

Haley is Amy's teacher assistant. She loves it.

This year they let us start tailgaiting before the games. We have been having so much fun. We split a spot with the Kolwycks. Julie decorated!

 Julie's mom & her sisters family

 Hannah loves to play cornhole.

 Hannah and Grandad are best friends.
 Warming up punting before the game.
 Haley & Kendall have several classes together.
 Haley and her favorite officer.

We went to a painting class for Casey's birthday.

Justin & Amber welcome baby Ella Grace Headley on August 27th.  Haley loves babies like her momma.

 It was a busy month full of happy times & celebrations. I love my family and friends.