Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Grandad's Retirement/Birthday Surprise Party

Dad retired on December 23rd and his 62nd birthday was December 27th so we decided to throw him a surprise retirement/birthday party.

Sibling Love

 Grandad and his buddies. He is such a wonderful grandad. They love each other so much.

 I love this picture of my parents & siblings.  I love the little photo bomber too!

Happy Retirement & Birthday Daddy. We love you very much!

Christmas 2015

We LOVE Christmas Break. It means a lot of family, friends & food! Fun times!

Haley got to go hunting with Rob. She was excited they got to see a doe. But a little disappointed it didn't walk close enough to shoot.

Our 5 days of Christmas was a hit again this year.
 Lots of play time with cousins.

 Haley gave me and Izzy mani/pedis while watching Christmas movies.
We made out Christmas goodies.

We went to Mawmaws and made some peanut butter balls.

 On Christmas Eve day Rob killed a deer.

We went to the Stokes annual Christmas Eve party.  Mr. & Mrs. Stokes love my kiddos & we love them too. They are so sweet to include us every year.

Hunter & Brynne
 They asked Hunter to break the pinata. Well, he broke the bat too.

Me & Yolanda

Hunter & Payton
Haley & Payton
Hunter & Blake

Christmas Day

 Santa wrapped almost everything this year. I think he wanted it to last longer.

The difference in a girl and a boy going through their stockings. One neatly pulls things at slowly & looks at everything. One dumps it on the ground then looks.

A little Colts gear

 I love seeing the excitement on Haley's face in all the pictures.

They had to open our family present together.

After opening presents it was time for our traditional breakfast of fried deer tenderloin, eggs & biscuits.

Hunter attempting the hoover board.

Boy & their trucks. 

 Mawmaw sent the kids gifts.

 Aunt Heather with her big baby. It's hard to believe he use to sleep on her chest every day.

Carter & Charlie with their hoover boards.

Hunter & Grandad playing with Hannah. 

After breakfast it was time for Mamaw's family Christmas. 
 Mamaw Carole & Papaw with their great grandkids.

  Mom & dad with their grandkids.

I think Hannah got bored. She decided it was time to play with her cars.

My mom has the kindest heart. She always fills this huge stocking(and several bags) with little wrapped gifts for all 34 people. She puts a lot of thought into her gifts. She buys lotions, chapstick, cars, books, toys, candy, ink pens, the list goes on and on. I can't even imagine how much time(& money) she spends on this stocking. Everyone loves it.

After Mamaw's Christmas we went to Mawmaw's house to have Christmas with her.

My mom made Monette a blanket because she is always cold. She loved it.

Rob & Hunter got matching hats.

 This is when Hunter realized he actually got subs for his truck.

 Robbie got a surround sound system for the man cave.

After Monette's house we headed home to have Christmas with my siblings. When we got home Jason was dressed like the movie A Christmas Story.

Chad was at the Fire Station on Christmas. We missed him but are very proud of the work he does for our community.

Hunter made the mistake of saying his daddy couldn't take him down. Kidding of course but Rob wanted to prove a point.

 Tori came over

We do snack food and pjs for our sibling Christmas. Here is Grandad in his pajamas.

Izzy loved her new bike.

Hannah got a new seat. As you can tell from the pictures she loved it. 

The boys in their new camo.

Grandad got a new muzzle loader.

 Hannah enjoyed being in the box & hiding from us.

Dodie & Jeff with their "His & Hers" Under Armour sweatshirts.

In 10 months these two will be married. :)

After presents & snacking it was time for games.
We had a Wii dance party going on and...
 a friendly poker game and...
 A chess game and...

Mamaw was tired so she slept.

I am so blessed that God gave me this wonderful family to spend my life with. I love each and every one of them more than words can explain.

Merry Christmas 2015