Tuesday, November 3, 2015


With her chemo mawmaw hasn't been feeling well, so we took advantage of a good day and had an early birthday celebration for Rob & Hunter. She made chocolate eclair cake.

I love my kiddos.

John Varlas works for the Commercial Appeal in Memphis. They put out tweets each week of the leaders in each category for football. Huntman has been on it for punting for many weeks. Not bad for a sophomore.

On Hunter's birthday, Rob and I both took off work. We took Hunter to get his license in Whiteville. When he went to school we went to lunch and visited Beau at the hospital.

We made a quick stop at Home Depot and I was very excited to see Christmas trees. Rob not so much.

At bedtime that night I just had to get another picture of my 16 year old!

A nice rainy night for the football game at Houston. We won so it wasn't terrible!

Hunter & Tate just chatting.

Oh, how I love these guys!

 Cheering on our CarCar!

Shopping with this girl is always a treat!!
Some random family pics.

We had a few trips to visit the Sewells at Pickwick.

Friends since high school.
 Same socks....it must be love.

Baseball at Mississippi State with good buddies.

Fall Break Adventures
We started with some painting.

Hunter's room

 Haley's room


Visiting with Beau Beau while he recuperates.

Hunter had to fill out a questionnaire for Arkansas State.

 We met Mamaw & Papaw for lunch at Back Yard Burger.

Me & Haley went to the Orpheum to see Cinderella.

 David & Kim had baby Torrey 5 weeks early.

 Goofing around with these guys.

 Suzy, Amanda & I had our annual birthday celebration.


Hunter went on an unofficial visit to Memphis
 We got to attend the Ole Miss vs. Memphis game. It was a great game. Memphis won!!!

Hunter & Coach Rock

We had our annual pumpkin carving that just turned in to eating and visiting since we only had 4 pumpkins.

Izzy & Quincie decorated a big sugar cookie.

Haley & Jacie played ping pong.
A friend (NOT) game of horse.

 Tori had never gutted a pumpkin before. It was quite funny.

I love that both of my kids love little ones like I do. Maybe one day a LONG time from now I will have a lot of grandbabies.

How can you not look at this picture and smile. We love our goofy Hannah Grace!

A little horse. 

Charlie's pumpkin

 To end the night we had a not so friendly game of Catch Phrase.

 Haley felt sorry for Izzy and gave her her pumpkin to carve.
 Hannah's pumpkin

Sweet visitors at school made my day!

Pink Out game at AHS. 

Ali and the girls were visiting from Indiana. It was so good to see them. I don't know who was more excited, us or the girls.

Ainsley's smile says it all. She loves Hunter.

The girls were excited to meet Hunter's girlfriend but were a little shy. Landrey wasn't exactly thrilled about him having a girlfriend.

She loves Haleybug too.

Landrey had a busy few days and fell asleep on Ali's lap. Ainsley was full of energy trying to stay awake.

Carter was so excited one morning and told me to take his picture. I asked why and he said "who do I look like?" He laughed and said "I'm Uncle Robbie's mini me today!" He was right...comfy pants, Under Armour sweatshirt, and glasses.

A fun trip to McDonalds. It is hilarious listening to the conversations of this crew.

I love watching football with this boy!

Happy Halloween
I took Haley & her friend Allie to Pitter Potter on Halloween morning.

I decided to paint my own platter.

 They just have to be fired.

 They had a candy bar set up. We were happy campers painting & candy!

On Halloween night this was us. Memphis was playing and the world series was on so we handed out candy and watched ball games.

Heather & Amy sent me pictures of their kiddos. I missed seeing them. I love the 2nd picture of Hannah & Charlie. She is looking at him like "Are you serious??"

 They look like they had fun.

Amy & Jason stopped by on the way home. These boys treat Izzy like a princess.