Friday, October 9, 2015

Fishing Rodeo at Mamaw & Papaw's

Mamaw & Papaw had a fishing rodeo for the kids. We invited the Sewell's to come with us. It was a great day of pizza, cookie cake (for Rob & Hunter), a few fish and time with family & friends.

Isabelle & Quincie were instant friends the first time they met.

Ronnie & Shelli
It's so neat how God puts people in your life. Shelli and I were good friends in high school. Ronnie was a few years older but all four of us were at Bolton together. Shelli has cut my hair for 20 years and now our kids are dating. I am happy that Hunter and Tori are great together, but I am so thankful that God brought us closer to Ronnie & Shelli again.

Hunter & Tori

Izzy was a fishing machine. She did so good.

Quincie just loves Hunter.

Yes I got Hunter's line stuck in the tree.

Nathan hooked a fish and let Hannah real it in. She was so excited that she "caught" a fish.

I had some trash on my line. Thanks Tori for the help.

The Sewell's
Nathan, Tori, Shelli. Ronnie, Quincie, Jacie, Amos

Papaw gave the winners money. Izzy got 3rd, Charlie & Hannah tied for 1st.

Beau is our experienced fisherman. He was laughing at this baby he caught.

All of our fishing contestants.


September started with my birthday. This was a dessert a coworker made for my birthday. It was yummy!
I got to eat a wonderful breakfast with these two cuties.
Hunter spent the weekend with Tori's family at Pickwick.

The guy who tweets about sports in Shelby County tweets weekly football stats for all the area schools. Hunter has been on it for punting a lot.

I love when Amy sends me pictures throughout the day.

Chase and Will came to watch Hunter & Tate play.

Haley's friend Ali and her family have come to many home games. We enjoy sitting and talking to them. Haley & Ali are so funny together.

We went to a baby reveal party David & Kim. They are having a baby girl.

I love when I leave my phone laying around and find cute pictures like this one.

LOVE my girl!!!! Haley kicked a stadium seat and broke her toe. :(

The kids were out of school for teacher inservice so they had a good time while I was working.

Beverly & Scott brought Maci & Greyson to Hunter's game.

Hunter had his "unoffical" visit Arkansas State.

Jaylin & Will visited the same day.

They could only get us three tickets to the football game and Haley was glad to stay home.

Me & Izzy texting Amy & Haley before school.

I asked Hunter & Haley to make me a Christmas list and this is what I got. So typical of both of their personalities.

Hunter made Special Teams Player of the Week.

The Collerville game brought a blast from the past. These three went to high school together.
Ronnie Sewell, Jason Howell & Rob

Jeff planned a big engagement party for Dodie at Thornton's Pool in Covington. It was a lot of fun. We are so excited for Dodie & Jeff. They are getting married next October.

The next day Hunter played at Mississppi State with his two best friends. We love Will & Evan.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of Hunter & Tori.

Another cute picture I found on my phone.