Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back to School

Well summer is over and it's back to school time. I can't believe I have two kids in high school. I know I say it all the time but I wish time would slow down. I cherish everyday that I am blessed to spend with these two wonderful kids. I feel so honored that God chose me to be their mom. I just hope and pray I am doing it in a way that is pleasing to him.

I love my freshman & sophmore! 
Go Tigers!


Disclaimer.....I haven't had time to post so this is a loooooooong post loaded with pictures. It covers out entire summer.

At our only Memphis tournament Ryan Weathers spent the night with Hunter while his parents drive back to Loretto to get the girls. He's such a fun kid. Even though he didn't even try the deer tenderloin. LOL
Of course the boys had to take a little BP before the game so we went to our favorite place.

Lunch at church

Sunday dinner with the Crenshaws! These boys have been friends forever. I can't believe how grown up they are getting.

Just some Arlington Tigers doing what they do all summer long!

Haley & Allie at the end of the year trophy ceremony. Haley's team won 1st and Allie's got 2nd.
LOVE this girl!

Afternoon snuggles

Sending some love to Ali & the girls in Indiana.

At one of our 4 Nashville tournaments we went and did the indoor race track.

They also played games.

We got back to the hotel and the boys had pizza in the lobby.

Playing at Vandy
Scouts in the crowd at Lipscomb.

Saw this and was so proud!

Hunter and Tate putting in some work.

Breakfast with Mamaw & Papaw at Longtown.

Our little pool girl. She loves the water.
We love handing out with Hannah Banana.

We got Hunter a truck. Where did the time go? I can't believe he is going to be 16 in October. I can honestly say I am NOT ready for this. I WILL be praying constantly.
The first ride with Hunter driving went to these cuties.

We spent a lot of May & June visiting Mawmaw in the hospital. Luckily she is infection free and has started her journey with chemo.

And then there was more baseball.

A rare weekend at home allowed us to eat downtown at Kooky Kunucks with everyone and go to the new Bass Pro at the Pyramid.

We went to the Wades for the Fourth of July. They know how to celebrate. It was a great time!
Hunter, Tyler, and Tate

The boys love fishing at Mamaw Carole's & Papaw's.
Me & Izzy went through the car wash. She loved it!

We went to Western Kentucky in Bowling Green Kentucky. Ali and the girls met us there.

We were so excited to see the girls.

First stop was to the pool.

Bedtime was so fun. We loved all the snuggles & giggles.
Haley enjoyed the girls waking her up.

Hunter & Haley went for a morning swim with the girls before they headed back to Indiana.

I love this picture. Hunter & Haley just love Ainsley & Landrey so much.

Love this pic.

Ali is such a sweet friend. I am going to miss seeing her everyday at school. I know we will keep in touch and I pray for the best for her & her girls.

This is what happens when I run in to Office Depot and leave my phone in the car with a 15 & 14 year old.

And more baseball
He sure loves it, almost as much as I love watching him play.

At the end of July we headed to Atlanta for the World Wood Bat World Series.

We took the kids to an Escape Room.

After the boys played one of their games we sent them back to the hotel to rest and we took the girls tubing. It was so much fun.

The girls had so much fun.

We enjoyed spending the day relaxing with mom, dad, the Huber's & Lily.
The next day we went to Six Flags.

Took a selfie with my girl & got photobombed by two of my favorite girls.
Moment of pride. I have been working hard to loose weight. When we were in St. Louis when Hunter was 9, I was to big to ride the Batman ride and had to walk down alone. I was so embarrassed for my family. This time I was able to ride with a little room to spare. :)

Hunter won two balls for my class.
My very favorite people in the world!!!

Our tournament ended earlier than we would have liked but I'm proud of these guys.

Hunter, Drew, & Ryan
The best pitching coach. Hunter loves coach David Weathers, he's hilarious and full of knowledge.
We all love the Weather's family.

Leaving the park mamaw decided she wanted Hunter to do the bat exit speed thing. After playing a full game he came in 2nd with 95.7 miles per hour off the bat and he didn't get to use his bat.

Since the tournament ended early for us we decided to go back to the lake so the boys could have fun on the tube.
The girls loved it just as much as the first time.

Lake Alatoona is so pretty.

I love these smiles. They were having a blast.

Rob and I even got to ride a couple of times.

We got caught in a thunderstorm. It came up really fast. I was nervous. It lasted about 15 minutes.

I love these pictures of the girls.

Hunter decided he wanted to stand up.

The water was just beautiful.

The girls started dancing while they rode the tube.

I LOVE this kid!!!

I am so thankful that God made such beautiful things for us to see and enjoy.

We did a little back to school shopping and headed home. It was a great trip.

When we got home we had a cookout/swim gathering at Amy & Jason's.
Hannah still couldn't get in the water. But she had fun rolling around everywhere.
Who doesn't build a fire and have smore's when it's 100 degrees outside.
Izzy & Jonah loved them.

Charlie too!
Who am I kidding...we all loved them!!!
Hannah wanted Haley to lay back so she kept pulling her back.

Well the day came that we had to officially send the Mills girls to Indiana. It was so hard to say goodbye even knowing we will see them when they come here in October & when we go there in November. They are part of our family and always will be.

Melt my heart.

Haley & Allie helped me set up my room. We got the entire room set up in 3 1/2 hours. WOW!

We went and worked the camp at Justin's building for a few hours and got to play with some of the Headley kids.

My favorite people to hang out with since they were all 3 babies.

This girl is a hoot and I just love her. She is starting to sound like my kids. When I said say cheese she said "oh, hurry up" and smiled. LOL

We threw Mawmaw a 70th birthday party before she starts chemo.

Harsson is such a cutie!
I think he was scared Hunter was going to take his pizza.

Mawmaw and her best friend Mrs. Ginger Reasons.

We were so glad to see Nita, Trish Ann, and Aunt Lequita. I am so thankful they made the drive over.

Every party is suppose to have BP. Right!?!?!?

Mawmaw & Aunt Sybil
Hannah worked hard and taught herself to open the door and go into the turf room. She was a pro by the end of the night.

Aunt Debra married Dickie Wiseman. They are so cute & happy. We are so happy for both of them.

Rob, Hunter & cousin Greg

Rob & cousin Mike. It is amazing how much Mike look like Pops.

Mawmaw & Uncle Louis

Mawmaw & Mrs. Lina

Aunt Lequita, Aunt Tommye & Mawmaw

The cousins

Ever since my kids were little we have let the balloons go at the end of a party. They always loved it.

Hannah really enjoyed watching the balloons. Look at that smile.

Well that pretty much sums up our summer. A lot of family, baseball & fun.