Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Little of This & That

As is typical these days we spent our Sunday afternoon at JD Sportsplex hitting and pitching.  The only difference this week was that Ali & the girls came to help Haley with pitching.

 Haley loves playing with Ainsley & Landrey. They enjoyed watching her & their momma pitch.

I am so proud of Haley's hard work. She is doing awesome.

Haley really has the best fans. =)

Me & Izzy took a selfie and sent it to her mom. We love sending her pictures throughout the day. 

We celebrated Justin's 40th birthday with his family & friends.
A good thing about your best friend owning a nice complex is during his party you get to play a whiffle ball game even when its storming outside.

 Even the little guys got to play.
 Izzy had to get Uncle Robbie involved in her hitting.

 Happy 40th Justin!

Izzy & Hannah wanted to walk to Hunter's game so we did.

Senior day
 The Mill's girls joined us for the game.

Aaron Campbell & Reese Brewer are two of our favorite players. They have really taken Hunter under their wing this year. We will miss them next year but wish them luck in college.

Tyler Blount has also been a good friend to Hunter & Tate. We have been lucky to have a good group of seniors that have taken care of our freshman. Hunter & Tate are the only two freshman on the varsity team.

Another mom took this picture. It's amazing to see the muscles in Hunter's arms.

Hunter was so tired he fell asleep on my shoulder at church. Games or practice everyday & 5:30 am for school is catching with him.

Monday, April 27, 2015

A Night at the Ball Field & Camo Day

First was Izzy & Jonah's game. They both played at 5:30, so I went from field to field taking pictures.

Love that smile while hitting. 

I love these girls & it's so sweet to see Haley helping with Izzy's team.

Then it was Haley's turn to play. She pitched and played outfield. It's hard to believe she has only been pitching for a few months. She is working hard.

 She is a hitter too. She hit another double.

Hunter had an early game at White Station, but made it back to see his sister play for a few innings.

 Part of Haley's cheering section.

I love her face in this picture. Such determination. Great job taking this pic Jonah.

Camo Day at School

This is such a busy time of year and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love my family!