Saturday, January 17, 2015

January Randomness

Our matching shirts
Piggy Tails

Cousin Love
 The ping pong table is one of the best presents Santa could have brought. They love to playing.

Hannah went shopping(with Heather's help) and spent her Christmas money. She got a new baby with a diaper bag. She had to cath her baby when she got home. It was the most precious thing.

More Ping Pong!!!

Haley helped Hannah get in on the ping pong action.

I love spending time with these three. They are all three becoming such wonderful young adults.
 Hunter is playing rec basketball at Singleton.

After Hunter's game we went to spend some of his gift cards.
Haley decided she wants to play softball again so while Rob, Hunter, and I were out we got her some softball "happies". 

my girl
I can't believe that Hunter is 15 and Haley is 13. I don't know where the time went. I just want it to slow down. I love them both so much. I am so proud of them. I feel blessed God choose me to be their mom.