Wednesday, August 20, 2014


In the summer I tend to forget to blog so this is a month of July post.  I will have a few individual post later.

Ali bought the girls to AHS to watch Hunter play.  We love the Mills girls.

Ainsley & Izzy had fun.

Ainsley loves Hunter right now and Landrey loves with Haley.  It works good that they both have one.  Ali just needs to have one more so I have one! =)

Izzy enjoyed two buckets of peanuts.  She had a little help.

Beverly brought Maci to AHS the next day to watch Hunter.  It was HOT!!!

Jenny invited us over to swim.  We had a blast.  Jenny & I got to catch up and the kids played volleyball in the pool for hours. 

Back to school haircuts mean ...... Jase time.  We love this little guy and any reason to see him!

Uncle Robbie was a big hit when he gave Jase a sucker. 
The night before school started everyone was at the house for a little while.  I can't express how much I LOVE these people!!!

Hannah spent the first week of school in the hospital.  Of course from the smiles you can't tell she was feeling bad.  She is the happiest girl.

Took my baby girl to the mall and we ran into Ali & the girls. 

July flew by just like the rest of the summer.  I hate that it's over!

Haley's Braces

Haleybug got her braces on in late July.  The week before we went to Atlanta.  She was a trooper.  She didn't complain much. 

Two in braces!

Sweet girl is still beautiful!  Love her SOOOO much!