Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend

Kicking off the 4th of July weekend we had a wedding shower for Anthony & Kandace.  They are getting married in September in NYC. 

my beautiful baby girl
Grandad & his girls

the prep team

We are all very excited to have Kandace in our family.  She is perfect for Anthony. 

The Pound Family

Haley got a lot of attention from the bride & groom and was VERY excited when they told her she could come to the wedding. 

I had to get in one picture to prove I was there.

Aunt Debra & her boys.  Uncle David would be so proud!

This is what happens when you try to get a 14 year old to take a picture.  Aunt Me & Aunt Heather didn't let that stop them.

You're never to old or to big to sit in your daddy's lap.

The next day we went to Aunt Claudia's for a cookout to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. 

These two got in plenty of trouble back in the day.  LOL

That night Amy & Jason's friends the Wade's invited us to their cove for fireworks.  When I say fireworks I mean FIREWORKS.  This neighborhood show could rival any town celebrations.  We were very impressed.  We had a great time & enjoyed meeting Amy & Jason's friends.
Getting ready for the show.

They started with lanterns that we thought were so cool!  The girls loved them because they reminded them of the movie Tangled.

I LOVE this group of people so much!!

Hannah decided she wanted her nails done before we went swimming at Jeff & Natalie's for another 4th of July cookout.

Love these girls! 

Everything in our family is a game or competition!

 Love these boys!

This weekend was full of fun, food, & family!  I couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate our freedom.  Thank you to all the soldiers who have fought or currently fight for our freedom.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer - June

We had a cookout at Heather's. 

After Heather's we headed to the Crenshaw's.  It was hilarious looking out the window to see this.  We wondered what they were so deep in thought about.

Haley is taller than Mrs. Amanda now.

Me & bug hit the gym.

Hunter made his first appearance as an actual Arlington High School Tiger.

Haley & Harsson Headley

Hannah loves her Lamby.

Hunter played at the U of M.

Huntman pitching

Cool kid came to watch Huntman play!

She didn't want anybody but Huntman today.

We ran into the Foshee's after the game.  Hunter is taller than Nathan now.  Nathan plays baseball for Rhodes and is going to be a junior. 

Amy took the kids bowling.  They loved it!

Daddy & Uncle Bill

We watched Izzy play tball.  She can run so fast.

Hunter got moved to Varsity.  This is him catching on the varsity team for the first time.

Happy Father's day to the best daddy in the world.  We love you Rob!

Mamaw and the girls had a campout in the living room.  Tent & all!

We spent an afternoon with the Mills girls.  Ainsley & Landrey love Hunter & Haley and vice versa.

Hunter played a tournament in Jackson.

Jackson tournament means Old Town Spaghetti Store!

Robbie's cousin Greg came in from Florida.  We had a get together at Mawmaw's house to see everyone.

Aunt Lequita made the trip.  She hadn't seen the kids since Pop's funeral in 2008.  It was great to see her.

We always love time with Aunt Tommye!

From the first time I met Nita, in 1988, when Rob & I were dating I thought she was wonderful.  She is so funny and fun to be around.

Greg brought Robbie a shirt that he LOVES!!!
We decided that we are going to make a better effort to see everyone more often.

Hunter & I had to head to Jackson for another game so Julie & the boys picked us up at Mawmaw's.

Goofing off with the girls.  Izzy & Haleybug

Hunter's team didn't make it to Saturday.  Some of our team was asked to play in Bowling Green Kentucky at Western Kentucky University.  It was a quick trip but the boys did great.  They got to meet the coach who was very nice & impressed with our 14 year olds playing in an 18u showcase.  He gave them a tour of the clubhouse.  It was a beautiful campus.
Hunter pitching at WKU

catching at WKU

We stopped to visit Hannah when we got back.

I took Hunter, Haley, Beau, & Charlie bowling.  It was a hoot!

Hunter with the photobomb

me & my girl

their scores

KNOXVILLE bound to play at UT

We had fun walking to Market Square and eating.  
Will, Ben, Blake & Hunter

Tate, Dalton, Hunter, Eli, Chase, Blake, Ben, Will, Ryan

 A little Arlington Tiger Power in the UT dugout! 

Hunter catching at UT

Harsson is the happiest baby!

This is a plaque at one of the fields they played at.  It was so cool!

Dinner on Market Suare

 In Knoxville the thing to do seems to be sit around Market Square.

June was packed and seems like it flew by.