Thursday, March 27, 2014

Phone Dump

I take a lot of pictures with my phone and usually I forget to add them to the blog.  So I decided I will just do a phone dump every once in a while so I can add the pics I take with my phone. 

 Hunter with his medal for making the County Tournament Team

Hunter helping Carter with his homework.

We watched Carter play basketball. 

 Hunter & Tate play together & their little cousins Carter & Cade play together.

 I love these kiddos!

Haley fell at school and had to have a cast on her wrist.  She was very brave.

I love seeing this!  The big boys were playing the little boys.  

On Sunday's we eat lunch at Mezcal.  It's yummy, quick, and reasonably priced.  We always run into the May's.  On this day Ben decided to let Rob play on his ipad with him.

Hannah loves her cheese.  Sweet girl.

Haleybug & Maci at church.

Hunter & Kaylyn between games of bball,  Kaylyn says she won.  Hmmmmm sounds like Hunter may have taken it easy on her.  lol

Amy sent me this sweet picture of Carter carrying Izzy through the woods so she wouldn't get her shoes dirty.  What a great big brother.

Amy & the kids came over and we made mini pizzas.

I went up stairs to find this happening.  I had to snap a pic because it made my heart melt.  I love these two so much.  I want them to always be close. 

We met David & his family for dinner at Cheddars.  

I love all of these guys!

Hannah loves her Huntman & her Minnie Mouse.

Hannah wanted to shoot basketball with Hunter & Charlie.  Of course it made Hunter very happy.  He loves when Hannah wants him.

Silly kiddos.

Hannah loves to dump grandad's change and put it back.  Well she likes to dump it and put some back. 

I LOVE this picture.  Hannah climbed on Robbie and got comfy.  She stayed there for a while.  It was hilarious.

Haley loves to fill in at Bunco when we don't have enough.  She was so excited when she got big bunco.

I took Hunter to Bolton to watch Arlington play in the district tournament.  We sat right under my softball banner.  Wow that was 23 years ago.  Where does the time go?

Hunter, Tate, & Justin made the All Stars at the AMS.  This is such an honor because you are nominated by your teacher then voted on by the students.

This sweet girl is so funny.  She loves her Doritos & Yoohoo's.

On Wednesday of Spring Break Julie & I decided to drive the kids to Murfreesboro to watch AHS play their first round of the State Tournament.  We had a great time.

What a difference 3 years makes.  Look how they've grown.

I had sinus surgery on Thursday of spring break so we had a very uneventful weekend.  One good thing about having the surgery is I had to be off work Monday-Wednesday and got to hang out with these 3 every morning before they went to school.  They are growing up way to fast.  I love them so much.  

Hunter had baseball so Haley, Beau, & I decided to go for a drive.  I let them both drive around Amy's neighborhood.  I want them all to be driving pros before they get their license. 

Hunter had a tournament at Snowden & it eas beautiful.  Amber brought Harrson so I got a lot of hugs.  He is such a good baby.

Carter played at Snowden too so we'd go from one game to the next. 

 It doesn't get any sweeter than these pics. 

I love this man with all my heart.  He is my best friend. 

We love our cousins!

It was chiil;

We had a birthday party for Chad on Sunday night.  Happy Birthday Chad.

Well that about covers the 1st official phone dump.