Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The End of Middle School Basketball

8th Grade Recognition Night

My Bobcat

Haleybug & Lily
Part of Hunter's cheering section

Getting ready for the District Championship game we went to Mezcal.  I love these kids!

I love these two pictures because they show the score board so you know he made the shot.

It was a close game but we are the North District Champs.

Haley & Lily

Ali & the girls came to cheer on Hunter.
My kids love Ali's girls.  Landrey watched Hunter during the game and was so cute clapping.

I am so thankful for Ali.  She is such a sweet friend to me and she is so supportive of my kids.  I love her sweet girls too.

Haley & Ainsley had fun.

Logan was at the game.

Trophy time!
Lang has been such a great coach for Hunter. 

more net pieces

loves his mamaw
Hunter's best friends

North District Champs!

Last few seconds of the game.  Hunter had the ball.

In this picture you see the ball way up in the left corner.  That is how high Hunter bounced it after the buzzer went off.

Hunter made the County All Tournament Team. 

The Fans

County Champs

Just another reason he is such a good coach!

They are all so proud of Hunter.

The coaches with the 8th graders.

another net

I can't believe middle school ball is over.  It's been a great 3 years.  It seems these mile stones are happening more and more quickly.  I love my kiddos and hate that they are growing up so fast.