Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Santa was very good to Hunter & Haley.

I think they were very happy.

He got his bat!
The phone case she has been asking for for months.

Every Hunter needs biodegradeable toilet paper.

Mamaw has foil in her hair!

Statue of Liberty charm for her Pandora bracelet.
Hunter was very excited to get the cathcer's mitt he designed.

I think she loves her chair.

Hes still loving his glove!

Traditional Christmas morning breakfast.  Fried deer tenderloin, biscuits & hasbrowns.

Christmas with Mawmaw

Christmas at Mamaw Carole's house.

The Great Grandkids

Great Grandkids & Grandkids


Amy with the FREAKY Santa

We love Mamaw & Papaw

A little Jenga

Christmas with my family

Electronics anyone??

Let the madness begin!

All the girls got monogrammed sweatshirts

Hannah loves to read to us.

I got Hannah & Izzy the Kissing Hand and A Pocket Full of Kisses.  I think they liked them.
Time for Lotto ticket fun!

Christmas Dance Party

Hunter & Haley got Catch Phrase so we decided to play.

I had some help.

Merry Christmas 2014!  
Thank you God for another wonderful year with my family.