Friday, November 29, 2013

Hunter's 1st Deer

The day before Thanksgiving Rob took Hunter hunting for the first time since he was 8 or 9.  He shot his first deer.  Rob said he wasn't sure who was more nervous.  It was so neat to hear the story from both of their perspectives.

Hunter showing his perfect "kill" shot.
We are so very exited for Huntman.  We are also excited that we can now have deer tenderloin on Christmas morning.  Way to go Hunter!

Busy, Busy, Busy....Catch up post

Hunter had a baseball tournament at USA Stadium in Millington.  It was bittersweet because that is where Robbie played his last high school game.  I can't believe he is old enough to play there.

On Halloween Hunter played a basketball game at Bon Lin so we headed to Charles' house for dinner.  Haley stayed home with Mom to hand out candy and go eat at Cheetoh's.

Dad got put in the hospital because he was having trouble seeing out of one eye.  We went by Heather's and I couldn't resist these cute pictures.

Hannah & Haley loved holding Stella at church.

We finally got Haley's tree up.  It is beautiful just like her.
Cousins are so much fun. 

Jason helped put the bow on the tree.  Having a 12ft tree makes it interesting.  My friend Meredith did a great job on the bow.

Chad called Heather and Hannah answered.  She is a hoot to talk to on the phone. 

Papaw's 80th Birthday

Everybody loves grandad!

The kiddos hid under the table waiting for papaw to arrive.

Mom made papaw the sweetest gift.  It had all kinds of stuff from his years of service with the Marines.  He loved it.

Hunter & Haley's haircuts now mean playtime with Jase. 

Grandad being home means a hot breakfast every morning.  We are going to miss it when he gets off of short term disability.

Beau killed a deer.

I love these two so much!