Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things

School has started, volleyball, & football are in full swing and we are rushing around everywhere.  I love our busy life but I miss the lazy days of summer just laying around with my babies.

First day of 7th grade for Haley & 1st day of 8th grade for Hunter.  Thank you daddy for taking a picture for me since I was already at school.  They are growing up too fast.

School shopping is never dull with these two.

Since Amy is working we get to spend a lot more time with the McKay kiddos.  Sorry to say it but I'm glad she went back to work.  ha!

Football season means we get to see Hannah & Charlie everyday.  Hannah comes and hangs out during practice to get out of the heat.  

Aunt Zig surprised everyone with Sonic half price shakes & ice cream for the little girls.

Sundays we have to get our Maci cuddles in.  She is one of the sweetest & happiest babies.  Hunter & Haley fight over her.

Lunch on Sundays is usually always Mezcal because it's quick & yummy. Hannah loves her rice & cheese.

I took Haley, Lily, & Izzie to see the Smurfs 2.  It was a cute movie.

Hunter had his first football scrimmage of the season.

Haley's team scrimmaged Kaity's team.  They looked like they were having fun on the net.

I love this girl so much!

Hannah loves her oreos.

We had pizza & played games.  Mamaw taught Haley how to play backgammon.  It was so sweet to watch.  She taught me to play when I was little. 

We played a little uno.

The other kids learned to play poker.

I worked the nursery at church & Hannah was so sweet reading to her babies.

Haley had her first volleyball game.

We have jumped right into a new routine with school, sports, and work but we love every minute of it.  Our babies are worth every dime & rushed minute we have.  

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Orange Beach & World Series

We headed to Orange Beach for the USSSA 13's World Series.  We went several days early for a little vacation fun!

Tate went to play with us!

Haley & Lily rode with Julie & the boys rode with me & Rob.
This was 5 minutes after we arrived.

We enjoyed Krispy Kreme Donuts before dinner. =) 

My girl loves to be in the water.

I found the girls like the several times.

I love the beach.  I was a little freaked out by being on the 8th floor.

Playing a little war.

Red Flag day.  The waves were big.
Even the red flag couldn't keep this girl out of the water.  Of course this is as deep as her over protective momma would let her go.

We did a little school shopping.  Buying new shoes is the only way I can get Hunter to go shopping.

After shopping the kids wanted to ride the gokarts.  Go Huntman!

Hunter, Haley, Lily & Tate played spoons.  Lily won!

One of our many trips to Krispy Kreme.  They wore the hats long enough to get a pic.  LOL

I love these two!!

Justin, Alexis & Braden came to our condo to hang out for the day.

Hunter riding the waves.

The boys at Lamberts.

Time to play ball!

A little more shopping with the girls!

At the Hangout

The boys had fun with Braden!

I love my family!

All the kiddos in the water at one time.

A friendly little volleyball game.

Love these ladies

Rain delay

Homerun Huntman

This is what the siblings do during the game when a ball gets stuck in the tree.

More volleyball

More baseball

Julie & Lily trying to find a little shade.

We didn't lose a game & were winning the championship game when the rain started.  We got 2nd place because we were the number 2 seed.  Good tournament Dodgers! 

We had a great trip.