Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome Jase Anderson Headley

We were so excited for David & Kim.  Jase was born weighing 8lbs 12oz.

1 week later

We love him already!

Another Summer Post

Our summers are awesome.  We stay up late, sleep in, swim, and spend time with family & friends.

We had lunch with the Mills girls.  We love these spending time with them.  Ali fits in with my family so good we've decided she must be a long lost sister. =)

Hunter got to enjoy a rare moment with Landrey.  She usually only wants Haley. 

Hunter held Maci for the 1st time.  He is so much like his daddy.  Rob doesn't like holding babies unless they are family.  Haley is just like me.  She can't get enough of babies.  She's going to be an awesome mommy one day.

Rob & I went and visited Harsson and took him a present.  Justin loves the Boston stuffed person.

We brought the big kids Gigi's cupcakes.  They were happy.

I went to Carter's game.  I got to see him hit a homerun.  

This is what we do in the summer, whiffle ball games in the back yard,

Swimming at the Huber's.  Izzy jumped off the diving board and swam to the side all by herself.  Then Haley taught her to do a flip under water in the shallow end.  She was doing 4 in a row without stopping before the day was over.

Haley, Caroline & I had a fun afternoon after volleyball.  We went to Dinsthuls, Exline's, & Heather's to swim & play with Hannah.

Hunter & 9ft tall Goliath at VBS.  We were all amazed how big he was.

Stay tuned for another summer update soon!