Monday, April 29, 2013

Finally Springtime

Well it's springtime and we have gotten very busy.  I didn't realize how long this post was until I started adding pictures.  Sorry! 

On April 6th we headed in two different directions for ball .  Rob & Hunter went to Hoover, AL for baseball and Haley & I headed to Conway, AR for volleyball. 

Haley's team before we headed to our first match.

 We sent daddy several pictures over the weekend.  We sure missed him & Hunter.

My silly goose!
Memphis Metro Intensity

Hunter got a new bat.  He was so excited when it finally came in.

Haley got her new bedding for her birthday.  She was so excited when it finally came in.  She loves it!!

Carter rode with me to Hunter's game.  He was very helpful when I had to get gas.  What a sweet helper.  

Ok, so it is technically springtime but the temps are still a little frigid but that didn't stop these guys from getting snow cones at the game. Love Jonah's craxy face.  He's always so silly.

Hunter & Tate - different teams but great friends!

Who doesn't love a little Mezcal after a hard day of baseball.
Hunter & Connor Shamblin

Haley had her end of the season volleyball party on April 20th.  It was a swim party & it was cold!

Haley & Lia
 Team Intensity

Hunter's baseball team had a baby shower for Justin & Amber. 

No baseball get together is complete without a game of whiffle ball.  

We are so excited to meet baby Harrson Headley in May. 

Friday was cozy comfy pj day to get ready for TCAP.  I had to get a picture of Ali's pjs for Hunter.  We love that Ali is from Indy and hope to visit there with her one day.  We have so much in common with her that we joke that she is really part of our family.   =)

We have been so busy it's been hard to get these guys together.  Well you'd never know it's been a while because these boys don't miss a beat.  They are such good friends they just pick up and go with it.  We love Will & Evan and their families.  Such good friend!

 Another weekend of baseball.  This pic is right before Hunter hit a homerun.

I wish I could put in words how much I love my family!

Since Amy is doing an interim job at Collerville Middle I have the boys every morning & afternoon.  This was a sweet pic of why I love my mornings.  

We went to order Haley's glasses and we ran into Willie Robertson.  Well a cardboard version.  LOL  

Friday night we kept Ainsley & Landrey.  One thing I love about keeping these girls is I don't have to change my plans.  Their momma just lets me take them with me.  We started the night at home with it raining.  When it cleared up (about 8:45) we headed to Hunter's game.  Ainsley was so excited to watch him play.

Hunter got some love before he headed out with the Ogle's.  He had to be there early for batting practice.  

Ainsley loves Hunter!

Look at those blue eyes!

I can't believe he is 13!

Sweet Landrey is always happy.

Dinner time!  Oops & cake too.

Ainsley wanted to paint my toenails.

 Landrey loved her nails

Heading to the game in our pjs.

Mom packed Ainsley's rainboots and coat so she put them to good use.

Bundled up and ready for the game to start.

On Saturday we celebrated Jason's 38th birthday.  We had Papa Murphy's pizza.  Thank you Heather for introducing us to it at Chad's party.

Cheetoh flipped the chair a few times.

The girls had popcorn & played in Izzy's room.  

The boys jumped on the trampoline, played hide & seek, played basketball, & whiffle ball. 

It was a great time!

I had to sneak a pic of Hunter, Will, & Justin chatting at practice.  Such good boys!

 Doing some ground ball drills.

Hunter & Justin both hit homeruns in the same inning.  Carter jumped the fence and went to find the balls.  Justin & Hunter were so sweet & let him keep them.  He was so excited!

Hunter's team won the tournament.  With a 1-0 win in the championship game.

Hannah had her first t-ball game.  I didn't get to go but stole these pictures from mom.  I can't wait to go watch her.  She will get her own blog post when I do. =)

I am so blessed and love my family so much.  I love spending as much time as I can with them!  God is amazing and has surrounded me with the best support system a person could have!!!