Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun with the Mill's girls

Ali & Richie went to a Grizzlies game so we got to have a fun evening with the Ainsley & Landrey.  It has been a while since my kids were this age and I had forgotten how much fun it is to listen to the giggles at bath time, have a helper with everything, and cuddle at bedtime.  It brought back so many fun memories of Hunter and Haley being little.

Dinner time

Ainsley is such a good helper.  She insisted on helping take the trash to the curb.

We had to get a little ball in.  Ali is a lot like me.  She is a sports girl and her girls are too.

Bath time.  I know from Ali's blog that the girls love taking baths.  Ainsley wanted a shower but decided she would take a bath with Landrey.  After all we did have dinosaur toys.  We don't have girl bathtub toys.  I am not sure why because Hannah & Izzy love to take a bath at our house.  I guess because they love the dinosaurs we have never gotten anything else.  :)

I did check with their mom to make sure these pics were ok for the blog. 

Ainsley was super excited to get her hair curled.  Mom always did this to Haley when she was little and Ainsley was just as excited as Haley always was.

A little cuddle time before bed.

 They were so cute at bedtime.

This was their first time at the new house.  Ainsley kept saying I love your new house.  =)  I am so glad Ali trust us with her sweet girls.  We love having them over.   Hannah was suppose to come play but Heather had to much work to do. =(

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball

Hunter played in a tournament at First TN Fields this past weekend.  They finished 2nd.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

 Hunter's cheering section

I am so happy that Justin is coaching Hunter this year.  I have been waiting for this picture since Hunter was 2.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

Haley's Birthday Celebration

First we went to Cici's for lunch.

Haley loves to paint so we headed to Meredith's for a paint party.  When we arrived Meredith had this cute little decoration up for Haley.  She is so thoughtful.

Haley & Meredith

I love my sweet baby girl and cannot believe she is 12.
Let the fun begin!!

Monica & I got in on the painting too.

I love these sill girls!

Me, Monica,  & Meredith with our finished paintings.

The girls & their paintings.
Haley, Kaity, Nicole, & Sydney

When we got home we had Gigi's mini cupcakes & opened presents.

For dinner I cooked homemade fried chicken.  Heather, Chad, Charlie & Hannah came for dinner.

I love to watch these two play together & hear their giggles.  Charlie is such a good big brother.

Hannah is quite the entertainer.  She was leading the conversation.

It was a wonderful day celebrating my beautiful baby girl turning 12.  We love you Haleybug!