Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Summer Days

Haley went to Art Camp at Meredith's.  She made a camp for middle school girls.  They had a blast and I think Meredith did too.

Haley's painting

4th of July

 We started the day playing babies with Hannah. 

My beautiful girl in her hat from Mrs. Laurin.

We headed to Heather's house for a swimming cookout.

 Hannah is OCD like Aunt Zig.  She lines everything up in straight lines.
 I had to teach Hannah the right way to eat an oreo.
Izzy wanted some cuddle time.  Such a sweetie pie.
 Then she had to have another picture with Hunter.

After Heather's we headed to Nick & Suzy's for a little bit.  On the way home we pulled over to watch the end of Bellvue's Firework show.

Hunter's team ended their season this week.  We made a very difficult decision to leave the Tigers after 6 years.   We made the decision because one of our best friends Justin Headley is coaching a team and we felt it was time for Hunter to be coached by someone other than daddy.  This season was very hard with Rob's work schedule.  As much as he loved coaching Hunter he knows this was the right decision for him at this point.  We love all of our baseball family and hated to leave.  We prayed very hard about this decision.    

The team gave Robbie this frame from Cooperstown.

Friday Robbie took Hunter, Tate, & Evan to watch the Championship game so Haley and I went with Mom, Amy & her kids, & the James family to the water park in Little Rock.  It was a great time.   

The crew getting rafts for a slide

Mamaw riding the vortex

My sweet girl
We ran into one of our favorite families.  Ali & Richie were there with Ainsley & Landrey.  We just love those sweet girls but we also love their parents.  After a visit with them a few months back we were on the way home and Rob & I laughed at how much they remind us of younger/skinner us.  They love sports & their girls so much.

 Haley is just like her momma she loves babies.  You can see that Landrey was happy with her too.

 Sweet Izzie was a hoot.  We were in the wave pool and she only wanted to be in the deeper water when the waves were on.  She would say let's go "skinnier" every time they would turn off.  Oh and she only wanted to "ride the waves" with Aunt Zig Zig.  This made me feel special.

Haley was exhausted on the way home.

Saturday we met everybody at the Huber's.  They are in Dallas for Nick's mom's memorial.  They were very generous to leave us a key to swim.

The kids had a blast.  Jonah, Carter, Charlie & Haley all learned to dive.  It was so fun to watch.
 Rob & Carter chilling
 Grandad & Hannah
 Amy & her baby Beau
 I love their smiles.  You can see the love!

The boys spent the night.  This is what I saw when I told them it was time for bed.  Carter had already fallen asleep and Hunter was playing xbox with Jonah & Charlie.

Monday was the first day of Grey Y football practice.  Of course it was rainy.  We learned there is a big difference in AYS & Middle School Football. 

I can't believe school starts back in 1 week and we will have a hectic schedule again.
I love summer and being able to spend so much time with my family.

Thank you God for blessing me with a family I love so much!!