Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AYLL Softball Champs

Haley's team started the season slow losing their first 3 games against the blue team.  They beat the red team every time.  After the 3rd loss they pulled it together and went undefeated for the rest of the season.  Their record was 15-3.   We are so proud of the progress they made.  Our Haleybug did a great job pitching and playing the field.  She hit the ball awesome.  She worked hard and it paid off.  We love you Haleybug!

Coach Dan Estes & Coach Kevin Gallimore
Abby, Anna, Haley, Charlotte, Jennie Grace, Ashton
Krista, Maddie, Anna Garris, Emerson, Katey

Great Job Lady Panthers!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

State Champs

Hunter's team played in the West Tennessee State Tournament.  The boys played hard all weekend.  Sunday they beat Redbirds Baseball and Jackson Athletics to claim the title West TN State Champs.

I am so proud of this group of boys.  They worked so hard.  I love this team and all the families.
Coach Jeff Mullen, Coach Robbie Goodman, Coach Nick Huber
Will Huber, Logan Feathers, Hunter Goodman, Jase Stuckey, Cody Brewington
Brett Wilkins, Jordan Mullen, Beau McKay, Albert Gonzales, Evan Crenshaw

So proud of my boys
Hunter pitched the championship game.  He struck out 6 and didn't walk or hit anyone.  He only gave up one run.  He also had an in the park home run and an off the wall double. 

On a side note here is Rob's leg after a long day at the ball park.  We got a good laugh because some of it is dirt but a lot is his tan line.

Coach Nick's mother passed away so he was in Dallas, TX.  He got up early Sunday morning and drove back to be there for his team on Sunday.  Even though he was very tired physically & emotionally he put his boys first.  He invited the team & families over for a celebration party.
We enjoyed swimming, pizza & spending time with each other.

It's great to be an Arlington Tiger!!

Cooperstown take 2

Hunter was picked up by the Memphis Tigers to go back to Cooperstown.  Since this is only a privilege for 12 year olds we decided to make it happen.  Since it is so expensive Hunter and I had to go alone.

We flew from Memphis to Detroit.  Then Detroit to Albany.  We rented a car in Albany and headed to Cooperstown.  It's a little over an hour to drive there. 

We had an awesome rental car.  It was a Dodge Avenger.

Beautiful sky from the plane.  I love to see the details and beauty in all that God has made.

Opening Ceremonies with the Memphis Tigers.

 Hunter & his buddy Tate.

View of the barracks & batting cages.

The boys went to Coopertown Square together and caught a game at Double Day Field and ate dinner.

We had wanted to get a mold done of Hunter's hand and ran out of time when we were there with our team so I packed Hunter's grandslam ball and made time to do it this time.

Our flight home left from Albany at 6:00 am.  We were excited to go home and see Daddy & Haley.
Brennen and his dad were on the same flight which was good because they helped us get to the correct gate in the Atlanta Airport.  It was so confusing.

This was our picture as we taxied to the terminal in Memphis.  You can see the tired eyes from being up since 4:00.  But there is a lot of excited behind those tired eyes.

We had a good time and the boys finished 6th out of 104 teams.  Hunter hit two homeruns.  We were glad we did this trip.  I enjoyed spending time with my baby boy.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Boston, New York, & Washington D.C.

We left Cooperstown Friday morning and headed to Boston.  It was a beautiful drive.

Our first stop in Boston was a Whale Watching Cruise.  After finding the parking garage and paying $35 to park we boarded the boat.  I have to say I was very excited.  I love whales and was so glad my family was willing to do this with me.

Hunter and Haley with Boston in the background

We passed many wind turbines on our trip.  In 2nd grade we study natural resources so I had to snap pictures to show my class.

Finally after an hour and 1/2 we were out far enough to see whales.
our first look

there were two
 This is the best shot I got of the whale coming out of the water.

We left the Whale Watching and headed to check in the hotel.  It was a little stressful trying to figure out Boston and get parked at the hotel.  I had pricelined the hotel and got a good deal at the W hotel.  Well to say I was out of my comfort zone is an understatement.  They did not have self parking.  It was valet only.  Well the OCD in me had a problem handing over my keys. LOL  

We went to eat at a place called Rock Bottom.  It was right across from our hotel.  Rob got the largest plate platter of nachos we have ever seen.

After dinner the kids and I walked next door to the 7 Eleven.  We got 4 Fiji waters for the price of 1 at the hotel.  The kids were shocked at how over priced things were at the hotel.

Hunter & Haley in front of our hotel

 Haley and I decided we were going to shower and stay in the room while the boys went to the Red Sox game.   Robbie & Hunter had seats right next to the green monster. 

We are now off to New York City.  After checking in at the hotel and having them park the car yet again.  We headed to Time Square to eat and start sight seeing.

 The M & M store was a hit with the kids.
 They each fixed their own bags of M&M's.

Rob and Hunter spotted a Lambroghini and had to have a picture.

We took many trips on the subway.  

We went to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty.

We visted the 9-11 memorial.  They are working on the Freedom Towers.
 The memorial is beautiful.  All the victims names are etched in the metal.  It was overwhelming standing there looking at the beautiful waterfall and seeing all the names of the people who went to work on Tuesday, September 11th 2001 not knowing they would never go home.

We decided to meet the Hubers at Central Park.  Below you will see the map readers and the relaxers.
Wendy, Robbie & Haley reading the map

The relaxers

The boys playing in Central Park.

Haley climbing the rocks during their game of hide-n-seek in Central Park.

Haley & Nicole

my beautiful girl

Will, Logan & Hunter
 Back on the Subway
Darren, Logan, Hunter & Rob

Toys R Us Time Square

Time Square

The Feathers in Time Square

Radio City Music Hall

Rockefeller Center

NYC Skyline

Sunday Morning we woke up and left NYC headed to Philadelphia.  
Independence Hall

Liberty Bell

Phillies Stadium

This is Cal Ripkin's stadium it's hard to see from 80mph on the interstate

We left Philly and headed to D.C.  After a relaxing evening in the hotel and a good nights sleep we were ready four our tour.  On Monday we toured Washing D.C.  
US Capital

Navy Memorial

White House

 We took a lunch cruise that was included in our tour.

Jefferson Memorial

I love these people!!!

FDR Memorial
 This is Rob's favorite quote and it was etched in the wall at the FDR Memorial.
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

The new MLK jr. Memorial

Arlington Cemetary

Great pic by Hunter

Hiroshima Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

World War II Memorial

We enjoyed our day in D.C.  I am so thankful we had the opportunity to take this trip.  I love my family and I'm very thankful that God blessed me with them.  I also thank God for a very safe trip.