Monday, May 21, 2012

Quality Time

We had a busy weekend but busy in a different way than normal.  Hunter's team was off this weekend so we got a much needed break.  Friday night we started the weekend with 2 wins by Haley's team.  She was very excited.

Izzie is always excited to watch Haley
After the game we met mom, dad, Heather, Hannah, Charlie, Uncle Joey, Aunt Joan, Casey & Uncle Kelly at McDonald's for ice cream.  Dad's high school girls had played Casey's team for a chance to go to the state tournament in Murfreesboro.  Dad leave Tuesday.  He is so excited.  We are all so happy for him.  He loves helping coach softball.
Haleybug & Hannah Grace
Saturday morning we all got to sleep in then headed to Charlie's game.  Because of Haley & Hunter's schedules we haven't been about to see him play at all. 
Hannah thought it was funny to take Hunter's hat

Charlie hit a double
 Hannah enjoyed the ring pop aunt Zig bought her.

Charlie made a cute little catcher
 Justin's daughter Erin didn't want Hunter to leave.  So sweet!

Charlie & Braden
 Our good friend Justin is Charlie's coach.  My kids call him Uncle "Twig".
Charlie & Justin
After a short nap we headed to Uncle Joey's & Aunt Joan's for Casey's graduation party.

Heather & Charlie

Hannah loved the water

My kids love to swim even in freezing water


Hunter & Haley helped Aunt Wanda blow up the lighted balloons.

You can't tell much from the picture but the lighted balloons were very pretty in the water.

After the party Rob, Hunter, Haley & I took my dad to see the Hunger Games.  Hunter worked really hard reading the book for school.
In the lobby I ran into one of my favorite Avenger.  Thor is so cute!  There is just something about men with facial hair.  LOL  Rob snapped this picture all the while laughing at me.  
Haley's favorite is Captin America

Sunday was friends and family day at church so we had church then lunch then singing.  We were home by 2:30.  I took another nap.  Amy & Jason invited us to a cookout at their house at 5:00.  
This is normal for any of our family gatherings!

I love our busy life & sports schedules but I am so thankful for the weekend of rest, relaxation and much needed family time.  I am so blessed & thankful for the wonderful people God has put in my life.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fun filled weekend

Saturday morning Hunter had an 8:00 ballgame.  After a good 5-0 win over the Tupelo Rangers.  Amy took the boys and went to feed the homeless in downtown Memphis.

Church had made bags of goodies for the homeless.   They had toothbrushes, soap, lotion, and other essentials.
such good helpers

 After they help serve food Amy took them to lunch at Huey's downtown.

 Amy said the waitress kept the boys fully stocked with toothpicks.

 After Huey's they had time between games so they visited a few places downtown.

 Of course boys will be boys.  If you see a huge embankment you have to slide down it.

They stopped by the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot.

The boys had a great afternoon and I think feeding the homeless made a big impact on them.

Happy 4th Birthday Hannah Grace
After the boys second game we were off to Hannah's 4th birthday luau. 
When we arrived we were greeted by Ironman (Charlie) & Captin America (Charlie's friend)

I love this man!!!

Hannah walking in her new running clothes

sweet birthday girl

Hannah did not like wearing the lei or flower in her hair
She did pose for one picture

very proud mom & dad

Izzie loves her BFF

Izzie decided she was taking Hannah outside

My baby sis & bro-n-law

I love my baby girl

Haley loves her daddy

The boys decided to play a new game.  Hit the balls over the house and wait for them to be hit back.
team 1

team 2

my best friends

Dad & Robbie observing the games

Hannah's favorite present

two of my favorite men

Heather's new house

Happy Mother's Day
I love this pic of Hannah.  She loves to pretend to read.

I am so thankful that God blessed me with two of the greatest kids in the world.  I love these two more than they will ever know.  I love watching them grow and change everyday.  They are growing up way to fast.