Monday, April 30, 2012


Well we are still trying to adjust to Rob working 3-11.  We try to eat with him every Tuesday night after Hunter's baseball practice.  The kids argue every time as to who gets the last kiss from daddy.  I'm glad they still like our kisses.

This week was TCAP week.  I made sure the kids were in bed early every night and got up and made them a hot breakfast every morning.  I am not a morning person so this was a challenge.   I was so glad when Friday arrived. 

This is a sweet picture of Haley and Uncle Don last Sunday at church.  She sure loves Uncle Don.

Thursdays are very light for us.  No practices or games.  The picture below is heartwarming to me because like most siblings they fight a lot.  Lately Hunter has offered to catch her pitching and she actually lets him.  I love these kiddos.

Haley's artwork is amazing to me.  She gets that talent from her dad.  Below is a picture she did that was displayed in the hallway for everyone to see.

Hannah & Robbie both love the Cinnamon Chex cereal.  They were arguing over the cinnamon pieces.  It was very funny.  Hannah would feed Rob one and then herself 4.  She would act like she was giving it to him then put it in her mouth and give a sneaky laugh.  Watching this sweet girl grow and learn has been such a blessing.  God blessed us with her and has made possible everything she accomplishes.

Friday was busy, busy, busy.....
I promised Jonah if he worked really hard on TCAP I would take him to Yogurt Mountain Friday after school.  As you can see he did work hard and really enjoyed his treat.
 Haley didn't want yogurt so she opted to draw.

We then picked Hunter up from school and went to meet Rob at work to get the kids uniforms.  Both kids changed in the truck and we headed to Haley's game.  She played at 5:30 & 7:00.  Hunter had a game at 8:00 in Cordova.  Luckily Rob took off work and met us at the game.  He watched Haley play her first game then took Hunter to his.  Haley got sick to her stomach so we headed home after the first game. 

I love these kiddos.

Brooke brought Blake, Baylie & Brynn to watch Haley play.  

Izzie & Blake

Brynn & Baylie

Saturday Hunter didn't play until 6 & 8 so we had a lazy morning sleeping in and laying around the house.  We don't get to do that very often.  We then headed to the Mellow Mushroom in Collerville to celebrate Uncle Jason's birthday.  The food was good and the price was not bad either.
Hannah enjoyed the sweet tea

Izzie is really a Haley's girl right now.  She had even saved her a seat.

Ben was hungry

sweet girl ready for her cupcake

Beth & Ben

Happy Birthday Jason

Saturday afternoon my friend Carol called and asked if we could keep Dalton & Cami.  We were excited to have them and for Dalton to get to watch Hunter play ball.  Justin also came to the game and brought Erin & Braden.  We haven't seen them in a while and enjoyed hanging out with them too.
Cami, Izzie, & Erin feeding their babies
This is how Dalton was the entire first game
this is how he started the 2nd game

 I know it's blurry but I had to take a picture of Izzie giving Cami & Erin a ride around the park.

snack time

Hunter pitching

Sunday we didn't have ball so we went to church, took a nap and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with the Crenshaw's.  

The kids were excited to get into the pool.  Amanda & I put our feet in but it's still to cold for me.
Hunter, Haley, Evan & Ryan

Trace grilled burgers for us

We love to hang out and unwind with the Crenshaw's they are very laid back just like us.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wednesday was Haley's first softball game of the season.  She is playing in Arlington with the Lady Panthers.  My friend Monica's husband Kevin is coaching the team.  She played with their daughter Kaity last year and is excited to play with her again.  She has been so excited about her new purple bag and shoes that her daddy picked out.

Haley pitched and was so nervous.  She told me "she had the butterfly things again and was going to throw up" but she didn't. She did a great job she pitched 3 innings and struck out several girls.

I know its blurry I was trying to keep score.  I will take my good camera to the games this week.

Friday Haley had another game.  She had an entire cheering section. and was so excited.
Some of my friends from school brought their kids to watch Haley.  Thank you Laurin & Livia, Diana & Lucas, and Ali, Ainsley & Landrey.  After the game we went to Mezcal for dinner.
sweet Landrey loved the attention

Ainsley eating her "big girl taco"

Laurin & Livia
Diana & Lucas

Haley with the Mills girls

Haleybug & Landrey

Hunter had a game at 9:00 in Southaven so after dinner Haley & I headed that way.  We weren't far down the road and I noticed Haley was quiet and looked over to see this.  Sweet baby girl was worn out.

Saturday Haley spent the entire day with Ali & her girls.  She helped with Landrey, played with Ainsley & helped Ali clean.  She had a blast and loved that she didn't have to sit through 2 of Hunter's baseball games.

On the way to Hunter's game we stopped at Sonic for lunch.  Rob went to throw some trash away and when he came back he showed off his jumping skills.

After our game some of the boys were playing around and I snapped this picture.  It is neat to see how competitive they are on the field then see the friendships off the field.

Between games the team went to Big League Grill for lunch.  Tate & his dad Johnny joined us.  It was really good food and a fun time with friends.

On the way home from Hunter's game we stopped by Fox Ridge for Monica's 40th Birthday Celebration.  Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest ladies I know.
2nd grade friends

Today we started our Relay for Life fund raising week.  I had to take a picture of the feet Haley, Jonah & Carter made. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

We started our holiday weekend off with a visit to Yogurt Mountain with a bunch of teacher friends & their kids.

Haley & Livia
Jenny and Carol who teach 2nd grade with me are neighbors so after Yogurt Mountain we headed to their cove.  It was beautiful outside so we sat and watched the kids play for hours.  We then headed to Gametime to eat dinner.  Rob was able to meet us there.

Friday morning Hunter and Rob met Nick & Will at the field for a little BP and long toss.  Haley & I had a lazy morning.  We slept in and watched movies.

After their workout it was off to lunch at TGI Friday's with Rob & Hunter.  Then we went to see The Hunger Games.  Haley stayed with Mamaw because she didn't want to see the movie.

Friday night we met the Wiseman's for dinner at Mezcal.  We always enjoy hanging out and catching up with them.  We were so busy catching up I forgot to take pictures.

We love that the Crenshaw's live right around the corner.  After Mezcal they invited us over to hang out.  We sat on the patio beside the fire pit because it was a little cool.
I love this man!

Deacon had to be in the center of everything.  I love that dog!

So peaceful & relaxing

 Saturday brought no sleeping in due to the opening ceremonies for Arlington Youth Little League. 

I love my McKay kiddos

my friend Carol with Dalton & Cammi

Hunter and Izzie

Izzie is a good photographer

 Here they come the Arlington Lady Panthers. 

I can't believe I actually got a smile.
Katie gave a wave

Go Panthers!

Amy & Jason's coach pitch team the Sox

My sweet girl

Haley & Katie Gallimore

The Gallimore Family

Haley & Jacob (he is one of my students and his dad was one of Hunter's football coaches)  we love the Roaten's

Carter, Jacob & Jonah
MaKay Family

My wonderful family

Haley, Cammi, Katie & Coach Kevin Gallimore

I love these kiddos more than they will ever know!

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny outdid himself(herself) this year.  I'm gonna blame it on having cancer.  It felt so good and made me happy to shop for my kids.

checking it all out

a little shocked because they usually just get candy & a book or something small
Hunter showing off his Kindle Fire

After church we did what all the guys love.....had a photo session LOL

Jason & Izzie
Amy & Izzie
My little sister and her beautiful family

I love these kiddos
Hunter & Charlie

They are growing up to fast Hunter is 12 & Haley is 11


        The loves of my life!!


Izzie & Haley
 Mawmaw came to church with us.  Everyone was so excited to see her.

My beautiful niece Hannah

 Haley practicing for the egg toss.  Well actually just practicing getting egg on herself.  LOL


Just like when I was younger their was a ball game going on.  I was pushing Hannah when she said "I want to hit" so dad and Hunter took over.  Look at her smiles!

 Hunter took off running with her but she did not want to drop the bat.  Everyone was cheering for her. 

Hannah was ready to hunt eggs

so excited about her eggs
 Hannah is doing such a great job practicing her walking.  I am so proud of her and Heather!
My baby sister with my Hannah

Rob giving advice to his mom & Aunt Claudia playing horseshoes.
Haley hit a single in her skirt and sandals
Uncle Don & Hannah comparing wheelchairs

Izzie with her bunny & new shirt

Time for burgers & hotdogs

Playing washers

Grandaddy teaching Charlie to play

Hunter & Charlie playing


Izzie and Hannah decided it was sliding time

Hannah didn't want to take a picture

Hannah realized she could hunt eggs faster by crawling

 The girls were scared of the Easter Bunny.  The both held on to grandaddy for protection.

Him playing with grandad didn't help

Izzie, Aunt Debra & Mom

Heather & Hannah

Heather & Charlie

My siblings- I bet nobody knew I was related to the Easter Bunny

Beau isn't very good at the egg toss.  I think he thought it was suppose to get all over you.

egg toss
After the Hannah Family Easter we went by the baseball field so Hunter could throw.  He is very determined to be a better pitcher.  I wish I had his drive and determination.

Me & the girls painted nails
I am so very thankful for the beautiful weekend, my friends, my family and all the many blessing God has given me.