Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Acts of Kindness

I have been overwhelmed with the kindness of people since surgery.  I recieved several cards at work the past few days.

2nd grade 
gave me this bag filled with items for the days I am in isolation
all my favorite goodies

 I love my 2nd grade team!!
 Thank you!
Laura, Monica, Karen, Jenny, Sonja, Qua, Carol, 
Whitney & Katelyn

4th grade sent
Thank you!
Mrs. Hizer, Mrs. Mashburn, Mrs. Craft, Mrs. Lanza, Mrs. Hawkins, Ms. Pleasant & Mrs. Ogle

5th grade
Thank you!
Mr. Stanko, Mrs. Kee, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Plumlee, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Bazar & Mrs. Huggins   

My oldest friend Adina showed up at school today to surprise me with this basket of goodies.
 Thank you!
Adina, Russell, Avery & Hayes

Between surgery and now I have been overwhelmed by the people that won't take no for an answer and insist on helping.

I go tomorrow to start treatment and will be isolated for 3 days.  My friend Kathy arranged for me to stay at the Holiday Inn about 2 minutes from my house.   I am so thankful for this because it is a nice hotel and my family won't be far away.  I've already been told by two coworkers (Sonja & Laura) that they plan to "ding dong ditch" me with two of my favorite dinners.  Hunter is very excited to "ding dong ditch" me with lunch everyday.  

Haley is getting ready to go to CYC in Gatlinburg with my mom for the weekend.  I am so thankful my mom is able to step in and take her for me.  She is so excited. 

We have tried to make this as low key as possible for the kids.  I don't want them to worry for any reason.  I know God is in control because he has helped me to stay calm and in control throughout this process. 

Proverbs 3:5-6 
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths."

Valentine's Day Week

I spent Monday night getting ready for my evaluation that was on graphing.  I had lots of help sorting the candy hearts when the McKay's stopped by. 

2 big bags of hearts and only two yellow and about 20 pink
Valentine's Day
Rob got moved to 2nd shift which is 3-11.  None of us like the move but are trying to make the best of it.  When we got up Tuesday morning Rob had surprises for all 3 of us on the table.  He was also so sweet to bring me and Haley lunch on Valentine's Day.  So we wanted to return the favor!  We picked up Logan's and his favorite Easter candy (Snicker's eggs) and went to eat dinner with him at work.
Hunter & Haley with the new Tiger in front of Wright Medical

I love these 3!!!

Wednesday we went to Amy's after school because she was keeping a friend from works little boy.  Haley and I both loved getting to hold Lucas and visit with Diana.
Haley & Lucas Raney
Carter, Izzie, Lucas & Diana

Thursday I had to go to the Doctor and give more blood to check my levels so mom picked up Hunter & Haley and met me at Heather's.

Hannah & her baby

Love the site of her standing
Happy girl
Ready for dinner Diva style

Friday Hunter had pitching lessons with Aaron Fultz.  We kept Ainsley so her mom and dad could have a date night before baby Landrey gets here. 

She loves to play ball

Hunter & Haley love to spoil Ainsley
Watching Wipeout during dinner

Saturday we had visitors for dinner.  We had so much fun!

Hannah came in and said "feed me grandad"  so this is what grandad gave her.

Of course Aunt Zig had to make her some real dinner because we didn't want to get fussed at by her mom and dad.  Love you Chad & Heather!

Sweet Izzie looking cute like always

I haven't figured out how to get videos on here but I have a few of Izzie dancing that are hilarious.  She loves to dance anytime there is music on.  She is a little entertainer.

We had a great week followed by a wonderful weekend!  We are very blessed!

John 1:16 NIV
"From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another."

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tournament Champs

AMS basketball season ends with a victory and some hardware.

Final Score AMS 47 ECS 31

What a great season for the AMS 6th grade Bobcats.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

We had our family over to watch the Super Bowl.  I didn't care about either team but it is always fun to watch the commercials & halftime show.  Plus hanging out with my family eating snack food is always a good time.

Izzie danced around the living room all night.

watching halftime show
 I love these boys!
Carter & Charlie

Of course what family event would be complete without a little wrestling to end the night.

I love my family!  

Hannah Grace

I just wanted to share a few cute pics of Hannah.  She is all of a sudden growing and changing so fast.  She is really getting her own sassy little personality.  She gets a lot of pointers from cousin Izzie who is very sassy and entertaining.

After church Sunday we went to Mezcal for our normal quick and easy Sunday lunch.  Hannah kept telling me she wanted icing.  
waiting for her food
Well like my other nieces and nephews Hannah gets what she wants from Aunt Zig Zig.  I stopped by GiGi's cupcakes and got Hannah some icing.

One of our friends from football works as the music teacher at Hannah & Charlie's school.  The other day she sent me a sweet email with this picture.  She looks like such a big girl.

Hannah got her new walking braces and looks so tall.

I love this sweet girl and am so proud of the progress she has made.  Her & her momma are working so hard and it is paying off.  I am so thankful God put Hannah in our lives!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Annual Physical
Overwhelmed is the best word to describe the roller coaster we have been on the past few weeks.  While we were out for Christmas break Rob and I had a physical.  Rob was perfectly healthy.  I was healthy with the exception of what they called a "small nodule" on my thyroid.  I had not had any problems except a few swallowing issues.  When we left the office I was very quiet so many things were going through my head.

Leap of Faith
I stopped at the store and bought Haley an ornament for her lime green tree for next Christmas.  While driving home by myself it hit me...."What if I am not here to help Haley put her tree up next year?"  I burst into tears.  I am not afraid to die by any means because I know I have a home in heaven.  I just want to see my kids grow up and have a christian family of their own.  At this point I knew the devil had planted the seed of doubt in my mind and I felt a strong urgency to pray.  At that moment a feeling of calmness came over me.  I told myself I was not going to worry because I know this could be a long road.  I decided that every time I felt doubt or worry creeping in I would stop and pray.  I have to have faith that God will take care of me and my family. 
Matthew 6

The Endocrinologist
The next step was an appointment with an endocrinologist to have an ultrasound guided needle biopsy.   I know it sounds painful but the laticane shots actually hurt worse than the biopsy.  They did find 3 nodules with one being over 2.5 cm.  So they biopsied the biggest two.  The entire ordeal was just uncomfortable.  Rob & I both liked the endocrinologist and not just because his last name was Goodman. (no relation lol)  The next several days brought a lot of waiting and more waiting.  The days seemed to crawl by.  Then I got the call.  The doctor said the cells were "suspicious"  when I questioned what that meant he said they were not positive for cancer but they were not clear.  He suggested removing my thyroid so they could test further for cancer.  He said to me "If you were my daughter I would tell you to have it removed as soon as possible because their is no guarantee what it will be in 3 months."  So of course my response was "When is surgery?"  He said he would have the surgeon call me the next day. 

The Surgeon
Rob and I met with the surgeon Dr. Stanley Smith Jr.  I was so impressed.  He came in the room asked Rob to move over so he could sit by me and we could both see.  He started explaining what I had and what he was going to do.  He drew on a diagram, wrote notes and made a copy of it for me and Rob.  He answered all of our questions.  He was very thorough.  We felt confident we had the right person for the job.

The day of surgery we took both the kids to school and headed to Baptist East.  Surgery was scheduled for 1:30.  The doctor came in to talk to us at pre-op and asked us to pray with him.  I felt in very good hands.  Surgery went well and they released me from the hospital the next morning.  Now it was time for recovery oh and another waiting game.  The doctor said we should have the results by Monday.  Well Monday came and went and no results.
this was after a week
I arrived home Thursday morning around 10.  Rob got me all situated and waited on me hand and foot.  It is such a blessing to have so many people in my life that are care.  My church family sent flowers and meals.  We were brought dinner from The May's,  Laura Magowan, Brad & Brooke Stokes, Amanda Crenshaw, Sally, Jeremy & Kristi, and a big surprise from Suzy Huber.  Suzy dropped her kids off at school Friday morning and drove to my favorite restaurant in Jackson, TN and brought me lunch & my family dinner.
Flowers from Church

My favorite

My school has been very supportive.  My second grade team, Jenny, Monica, Carol, Sonja, Laura, Qua, Karen & a few other school friends Ali, Christine, Diane Carey & Caroline Beard got me a sweet card with gift cards to Target & Mezcal.  Our kindergarten team fed my family one night.  Mrs. Jones gave the kids a gift card to McDonalds.  Our AES Sunshine sent me flowers.  I got many calls, text and emails.  I am very thankful for my school family.
Flowers from school

The Results - Not what we had hoped
Tuesday morning, January 31st is a morning I will not soon forget.  I received a call from the surgeon telling me I have Follicular Thyroid Cancer.  I was a little shocked at the news but even more shocked at how very calm I was.  I had many questions as far as treatment and where we go from here but my overall response was very calm.  Everyone who knows me knows I worry about everything and I'm very sensitive.   I have a new found confidence in my faith.  A few weeks back I told God I was giving this all to him because I knew I was not strong enough to handle it.  He has taken all my worries and fears away.  I do not question "why this has happened?" because I know why!!  I have learned that God is there for me and is going to take care of me all I have to do is truly let go of it and give it to him.  

To say I have been overwhelmed is an understatement.  I have been overwhelmed with so many emotions over the past few weeks.  Unconditional love, fear, kindness, gratitude, anxiety just to name a few.  I can honestly say until this point in my life I have not truly put my faith in him to handle my troubles.  I have learned through this entire process that God truly has a plan and he is in charge.  

I found and bought this bookmark because I thought it was appropriate.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5