Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

We are so blessed.  We had a wonderful Christmas with our awesome family.

I don't know that Hunter & Haley have been this good but it sure is fun to spoil them on Christmas.

They still have cute & excited faces on Christmas morning.

Everything Hunter asked for this year was baseball related.

Haley loved her boots.

We had our traditional yummy Christmas breakfast.  Deer tenderloin, scrambled eggs with cheese & biscuits.

We went to celebrate with mawmaw at her house.  She loved her calendar with the kids pictures.

She also loved her Kuerig single cup coffee maker.

Mawmaw knows Haley well.  She got her new art supplies. 

Mawmaw got the kids a new computer.  They were very excited.

We then headed to mamaw Carole's.  Izzy enjoyed her lunch sitting by aunt ZigZig.

All the little boys decided to attack Hunter.
Charlie attacking Hunter

Carter attacking Hunter

Hunter decided to fight back.  He pinned Carter down and tickled him.

Grandad didn't think it was fair so he attacked Hunter.  You can see Hannah going to help Hunter.

Then she decided to tackle him.

Look at this sweet face!  Charlie was just laying in the floor waiting to open presents.

I love these sweet girls.  Izzy can't get enough of Haley these days and Haley wouldn't have it any other way.

My mom is the most generous person I know.  She always fills a giant stocking with little personal gifts for wrapped everybody.  She starts shopping the day after Christmas for these gifts.  This year there were two huge stockings. 

Of course a highlight of the day is the paper war. 

Look at those smiles.
 My sweet mamaw.

Just Dance 4 party!  The girls were dancing to One Direction.

A rare moment with these two smiling for a picture.

Beautiful ladies.

This year we had an unusual break in the day.  We headed home for a little Christmas nap.  It was raining and cold which made napping even nicer.

After our nap we headed to Amy's for our Christmas. 

These two are my world.
 I am so blessed to have this family.  I thank God for them everyday.

Present time.  As usual mamaw outdid herself.
 And all of the kids were thrilled.

Uncle Chad got the boys fire department shirts.

Mamaw got Hunter a Florida State blanket.  He loved it.

Charlie was so excited about his Skylanders.  I wish I had been videoing.  His expression was priceless.

Dad got scratch off lottery tickets.  It was hilarious watching him scratch them off.  He did win $40.  Mom didn't win anything.  LOL

Hannah has been sick and was not in the mood to try on her new coat.  She is trying her best to take it off.

Carter is so excited about his new scooter.  He didn't want to wait for it to charge.

And another Just Dance 4 party.

Laughing at the Just Dance 4 party.

Haley & Beau are serious gamers!

One thing I love about Christmas is I get to spend a lot of time with my best friend!!!

Izzy really got into the dance party this year.  I have to say she is really good at it. 

This sweet little girl can melt your heart with just a smile.  

Mamaw made one happy girl when she went to Jared!  Haley got a Pandora bracelet from my mom & dad.

Hannah dancing.

The boys played a little xbox in between dances.

I love my family and the time we spend together.  I know I have said it before but I feel very blessed to have them in my life.

Merry Christmas!