Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Ok, I need to apologize up front because this will be a lengthy post.  I decided to include all of our Christmas Festivities in one post.  I tried to keep everything in the order it happened.  Since I am having my blog made into a book I included a lot of pictures. 

Baking Day

Hannah learned to sign I love you.  It is so cute because she looks like she is saying "rock on".

Izzie taking Hannah's new luggage for a spin

I love these ladies!

Heather was trying to get Hannah to take a nap and she kept yelling "open the door"  then she yelled "Hunnnnnner"  so being like his momma he couldn't stand it and went to talk to her.

big and little boys playing cars

yummy goodies

Our Trees

Tree 1
Tree 2

Dinner with the Headleys
Kim, Joshua & David

Hunter & Joshua playing with their gum

Best Friends

Stokes Christmas Eve Party
Haley loved the chocolate fountain

boys playing baseketball

Brad & Brynn
Brooke & Baylie

Haley & Mrs. Stokes
The very first time we were invited to the Stokes Christmas Eve Day party Hunter was a baby.  Now he is taller than Mrs. Stokes. 
Hunter & Mr. & Mrs. Stokes

Brynn & Baylie with their McDonald's cards from Lotta & Pa

Me & Yo

Lotta(Mrs. Stokes) always makes a homemade pinata and jams it full of candy.  The kids love this tradition.
Frosty was huge

 Haley doesn't hit the pinata.  She doesn't like everyone watching her.

Frosty after - you kind of feel sorry for him

kids going nuts over candy

Izzie picking up one piece of candy at a time

the boys had huge bags of candy

Christmas with Mawmaw

Haley was excited to get her lime green outfit

Me and Rob in our prom pose in the exact spot we stood 22 years ago.

Hannah Family Christmas Eve
my world

Carter with his big blue eyes sparkling

Izzie loved aunt Ziggy's spaghetti (thank you Olive Garden)

Aunt Ruby & Uncle Don (signs were to remind people his shoulder is broken)

Amy & Izzie with one of the newest members of the family Coleton.  Sam's twins are actually the newest they are a week old.

Mamaw with her two oldest grandaughters

Uncle Bill & my daddy

Haley & Skeeter (Angela)

Jason & Izzie

Boys getting ready to sing
 Hannah brothers and sisters
Claudia, Mike, Don, Debra, Wally, Carolyn, Bill, & Steve

brothers & sisters with spouses

1st cousins with many missing

2nd cousins with many missing

I love my family!!

Santa visited giving all the kids a stocking filled with goodies.
big boys

Opening gifts from me & Rob

Hunter trying to act excited about the weighted balls since he was with me when I bought them.

We are not fair weather fans or ban wagon jumpers.  So Indy is 2-13 we still root for them!

Haley with her new Tigers shirt

Haley was excited about her new Bobcat shirt.  She is excited about going to the middle school next year.  Mommy is not excited at all!

Santa came to see Hunter & Haley 
Hunter's stuff

Haley's stuff

his favorite present

Haley was so excited


Dressing ready to cook during church

Rob & Haley playing a little Family Fued before church

Haley & Aunt Amy in their sweaters

Hannah loves her new baby
Hannah loves standing up now

My babies are growing up to fast

Willwerth Family Christmas

My sisters & their beautiful girls

Mom's family


Mamaw and  Papaw made the girls rocking chairs

Hannah checking out Jonah's four wheeler

Add caption

Hannah got in on the wrapping paper war this year!  She was so fun to watch.

Mamaw loved her calendar

Everyone waiting to see the woodworks mamaw & papaw made them


My family with Mamaw & Papaw

Goodman Family Christmas
Aunt Sybil, Aunt Tommye, Mawmaw

Hunter, Uncle Bubba, Rob

My boys in their new Arlington Tiger sweats

Christmas Night with my family

For the past several years we have met for our immediate family gathering on Christmas night.  We come in our pj's, eat snack food, open presents and play games.

Izzie loved her 1st Vera

with my family there always has to be a ballgame of some sort involved

Drandad and Chad babysitting

drandad getting his big gift
 Drandad got a two man ladder stand.  It was Hunter and Beau's idea.  They were so excited!

 Mamaw got a Nook color and was so happy.

Heather, Chad, Charlie & Hannah
Amy, Jason, Beau, Jonah, Carter & Isabelle

Jamie, Tommie & Dodie

Hannah was so excited about wii Just Dance 3

She told Chad "stand up"

Merry Christmas Hannah Grace

After a full day of fun we were relaxing on the couch

Mamaw & Drandad with all 9 grandkids

It's hard to believe I took this using my camera remote and all 19 of us are smiling and looking the right direction.

I am so thankful for the wonderful Christmas we had.  We spent time with family and friends and had a blast.  I love my family and the closeness we share.  I thank God for them everyday!

Merry Christmas 2011!!!!