Friday, November 25, 2011


I want to start out with what I am thankful for....

* God - Everything in my life that I have and who I am is because he has made it possible.  He has blessed me beyond measure.  I am so thankful he is a loving and forgiving God! 
* My Family - I have a wonderful husband who loves me no matter how OCD, ADD, and worrisome I am.  I have two amazing children that have taught me that I have so much love inside me.  I have the absolute best parents ever!  They raised us to be Christians, grateful, polite, disciplined and loving.  I have been blessed with a close relationship with my siblings.  I have the most awesome nieces and nephews.  I love spending time with them.        

* The Power of Prayer - My niece Hannah Grace taught me so much about the power of prayer.  To see God working in her is truly amazing.  I can't express with words the joy I feel when she talks, laughs, and when she works so hard learning to walk.  I am thankful that God made her momma Heather strong especially on the day they told her everything and offered abortion as an option.  I am thankful every time I look at that sweet smile that God gave her to our family!  She is absolutely perfect in every way! 
* My Friends - I am blessed to have a lot of people I can call friends.  Some I love like family they are loyal, honest, and not judgmental. 

* My Health - I thank God everyday for blessing me with one more day with my family and friends.  I know that everyday is a gift not a guarantee.  I may have aches and pains now and then but I know there are people who suffer from things I can't even imagine.   I pray for many more healthy years.

* Our busy life - People have said to me "Why do you let your kids play so much stuff?" and "Why do you live your life through your kids?"  My answer is simple I LOVE THEM!!!!  If being at every game & practice to show I support them means I live for my kids then the answer is YES I DO and I'm PROUD of it!  I have been blessed with two healthy wonderful children and they are my priority in life.  I hope and pray when they grow up they can look back and know how much I love, support, and care about them.

*Last but not least My family in Heaven - The past several years have been hard on our family.  We have lost so many close loved ones.  Pop's, Grandmaw Hannah, Mac Jr., Hannah Grace's twin, Uncle David, Aunt Ann, Uncle Jake, and The Beardains.  I cannot express the sadness we felt with the passing of these loved ones.  I am so thankful for the time they were in our lives and the many memories we have.  I know they are in a better place with no pain, no suffering, and everlasting love but we still love and miss them everyday. 

Now for the our Thanksgiving festivities......
Amy made Thanksgiving treats with the kids.  They had so much fun.
Hunter & Beau were ready to go back outside but did enjoy eating their treats.

Haley is a little bit of a perfectionist like her mom.  She was the last one finished but it looked awesome!

Izzie was so proud of her teepee

Note the icing on Charlie's cheek.  I think he snacked while working.

Carter added a lot of grass (aka sprinkles)

Yummy ice cream cone teepees with cake inside

We started the day with Mom's family at our house.  

Cheetoh smoked an awesome turkey

Hunter having trouble deciding what to eat

We had so much food

Papaw & Uncle Joey

Two of my beautiful nieces

backyard football

my beautiful baby girl

Izzie's favorite thing to do at our house is swing

Hunter with grass stains from the game.  We are very competitive!!

Drandaddy is tired from hunting at 3am

Mamaw Carole, Mom & Amy

Rob and Jason checking the rules for hunting at Chickasaw

2 handsome 12 year old boys

Drandaddy & Hannah watching the games

Carter with wet sweaty hair

Me & Heather

Marla was tired

My girls swinging together

Beautiful Izzie

 On to our 2nd stop of the day Aunt Tommye's & Uncle Bubba's.
cousins Lindsey, Carrie, & Haley

Rob and Aunt Tommye

my kiddos love Uncle Bubba & Aunt Tommye

Rob & cousin Mike

And finally our last stop The Hannah Thanksgiving.

My camera was almost dead but I managed to get a few pics.  
Konnor is visiting is Ohma(aka Aunt Debra) for a week while Daniel and Krysten visit Anthony in NYC for their honeymoon.  He is such a cutie!
Heather & Konnor

Aunt Debra(Omha) & Konnor
Amy & Konnor

Amanda made a Turkey and everyone had their name on a feather.

Stella & Izzie
I have some cute pics of Stella's new baby brother and will post them as soon as I get the ok.  Baby Cy is so cute.

We had a great Thanksgiving with our wonderful family.  It was nice to turn the phones off and enjoy time just visiting with the people I love!  Amy, Heather and I headed out to do some shopping around 8:00 and got home around 2:00am.  It was fun spending time with my sisters and getting some of the gifts I needed.

1 Thessalonians 5:18
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday Beau!!!

Beau's birthday is November 24th which falls on Thanksgiving this year so they had his party last night.  It was so much fun.  It was so good to see so many football players and coaches since football ended so quickly last weekend.  

Jonah being silly

Rob & Haley
Reid & Izzie

Aunt Amy & Dad

Rob, Darren & dad

Me and my sweet daddy
me with BFD "Best Friend Darren"

Izzie wanting to get outside with the boys

Hannah walking all over the house

All the boys

Me, Amy, Heather & our adopted sister Mandy

Backyard football

Haley & McKenzie

Coach Todd was such a good sport

Uncle Cheetoh & Hannah

me and my baby sis Heather

Present time

Charlie & Hunter

Mandy was working a puzzle with the girls

Happy 12th Birthday Beau!
I remember 6 short weeks after Hunter was born waiting in the waiting room at Methodist North for you to be born.  You were so cute and little.  We couldn't wait to introduce you to your cousin Hunter.   We are so blessed to have you in our life!  We are so proud of the good christian young man you are becoming.  We love you very much!