Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Wow I am way behind on my blogging.  With school starting, the new evaluation system(which is sadly a horrible joke), and football kicking into full speed I have fallen behind on everything.  So this will be a rather long catch up post.

Football practice
Hunter tackling

Coach Scott talking to Logan, Hunter & Tanner
Huntman running

Hunter earned a "gold" jersey.  Gold jerseys are given to the players that the coaches feel worked the hardest during practice the week before.

Jamboree Day
nothing like a little baseball before heading to play football

Carter hitting in his football uniform
Juniors getting ready to take the field for the Jamboree

one of my favorite pic because it has Hunter(#35) & Beau (#43)

Haley's injury

Haley fell down the stairs and fractured her wrist.
Haley showing off her lime green cast with pink stripes


Hunter with Jonah & Carter before Tiger Night at AHS game

Hunter and good friend Logan

AHS Tiger Night

Football at Tiger Field
Blaine Bishop, Will Huckaby, Connor Dorsey, Hunter Goodman

Haley is a big Tiger fan

More Huntman


Izzie cheering for her brothers and Hunter

Hannah getting vocal about the game

Hunter's onside kick


My 38th Birthday
(When did I get so old?)

chilling after a game if football

Mamaw, Grandad, & Carter

My very best friends in the world.  I love my sisters!

Hannah Grace & Uncle Cheetoh

Whiffle Ball time

Izzie taking a break from the game to swing. She only likes to bat. (SMART girl)

Heather made me a cake

Me and my Hannah

My awesome birthday gift from my class

Happy 50th Anniversary Uncle Bill & Aunt Linda

AYS Tiger Homecoming

These boys are so handsome!

My friend Ali f

the girls didn't want to be held until I was holding the other

Jason in the flush tank

Beau & Izzie sliding

Hannah was worn out

Izzie in her new shirt

Wow that's a lot!  Hopefully I can keep up with my blogs better now.  I am so thankful for time with family and friends!