Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Izzie

Today was Izzie's 3rd Birthday and we went to Build A Bear.  She made a pink bear and named her "Pinkalicous".  That sweet girl loves pink!

 The photos aren't great because I took them with my phone.  Izzie and Carter are having a "real" party next weekend.  Haley got a brown bear with dark brown spots that smells like cookie dough so she named it Cookie Dough.  Jonah and Carter both got camo bears.  Carter named his Albert Pujols and Jonah named his Army Man 3.  They are so funny!

Happy Birthday Isabelle!!!

Back to School

Well its that time of year.  Back to School time.  Hunter is starting middle school and Haley is starting 5th grade.  

Haley's first day of 5th grade

Hunter's first day of 6th grade
It's very hard to believe I didn't cry the first day of school, especially since I didn't get to take Hunter to school.  I didn't even get to take his first day picture because he doesn't have school until 9 so he wasn't dress when I left.

On the way to school I told Haley " Awww this is your last first day at school with mommy."  She replied "Yep, and next year you will have to go all by yourself!"  I almost really cried.

We all had a great day.  Looking forward to a great year! 

Haley & her 5th grade teacher Mrs. Kee