Friday, July 15, 2011

Haley's Camping Trip

I have the BEST parents in the world.  They were going camping in Gatlinburg the week of the 4th of July and since Hunter had a baseball tournament all week they knew Haley would be bored.  They asked Haley if she wanted to go with them on their vacation.  She was soooooo excited.

Haley, Beau, Jonah and Carter built their own waterway in the creek beside their camp site.  
Haley working so hard on their dam
So proud of their work
 After a rain they were so excited that the water was up to about 18 inches on one side.  They also were disappointed to find out that they had to knock it down before they left.  It is evidentally against the law to build a "waterway" in creeks and streams in Gatlinburg.

relaxing at the camp site

 They went to the 4th of July parade in downtown.

Haley's face when she saw the real Daisy Duke "Catherine Bach"
Catherine Bach aka Daisy Duke
We love the Dukes of Hazzard
Movie with cousins
Haley & Izzy going down the water slide
Mom and Haley took this pic for me because my only instructions were to STAY AWAY from big drop offs.  As I was fussing about the pic and the fact my daughter is on both sided of the wall they laughed because the ground was the same level as the concrete on the other side.  Funny girls!

I am so thankful to have such wonderful parents.  They are very active grandparents.  We are very blessed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Time

Well I have fallen a little behind with post so this is a warning that the following will be a long post.

We had a cookout for cousin Anthony who flew home for a visit the week of the 4th of July.
There was great food cooked by Rob & dad, an exciting game of kickball and a lot of picture taking.
Dodie helped Hannah kick and run.  So sweet!
Two of my beautiful nieces - Hannah Grace & Dodie

Izzy was all about taking her turn tutu and all

mamaw & Hannah

Charlie being a sweet cousin and giving Izzy a push



Dodie & Haley
 We take our sports very serious in this family.
getting a game plan

Drandad pitching

The cheering section.  They all volunteered to "watch" Hannah LOL


My little sis Amy & niece Izzy

Aunt Tommie was a trooper playing in her dress

nephew Carter

Hannah kissing her daddy

nephew Jonah

nephew Beau

cousin Anthony & Aunt Debra

my wonderful family

all the nieces & nephews

Aunt Claudia & Uncle George

kickball game gone bad

me & my siblings with cousin Anthony

Aunt Claudia, mom, Aunt Debra, Ms. Judy

Uncle Chad getting mad at me for taking his pic again

Drandad & Hannah swinging


Izzy & Hannah swinging

The boys needed to cool off

my siblings

Izzy after she got hit with the swing.  The cookie made it all better.

Dodie & Izzy

Hannah exercising.  I love Chad's face in this pic, Pure Love!!

Hannah kicking

A few days later we had some boys over and had a whiffle ball game. 
Will, Evan & Hunter

 The big boys were very sweet with Charlie.  They let him bat and he got a homerun everytime.

Hunter & Keagan

Next we had Hunter's baseball World Series.
Pizza and cokes are always a hit with baseball players

Opening Ceremonies
Huntman batting

Hunter playing 3rd base

After a week at the ball park we ended with an end of the year party at the Mullen's house.
I love this man!!!

Riley, Macy & Haley chilling in the pool

Rob & Nick posing being smarty pants because I wanted to take a picture
Coach Rob(Dad), Huntman & Coach Nick

The boys opening their pillowcases
Trace & Amanda
The boys
The Moms
my Haleybug finally made it home from camping

Macy, Hadley & Haley
Boys vs. Dads & sisters

When we got home from the party mom & dad were keeping Hannah & Charlie.  Hannah & Drandad were playing in the kids laundry basket.

Charlie got in on a little of the action to.
Summer is flying by to fast.  I cherish everyday I get to spend with my family and friends.  I am blessed to have them and love them all so much.