Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mixed Emotions

I have been dreading this day for 6 years.  I cannot imagine coming to school without Hunter.  I am so use to seeing him in the hall, at lunch, and him just stopping by my room for a hug.  I try my best to live in the moment and treasure everything my children do.  I take many, many, many photos and constantly try to tell myself to remember each event because it won't last long.  I always cry when I hear the song "It Won't Be Like This For Long" by Darius Rucker because it reminds me that these moments are flying by way to fast.  Part of me wants to freeze time and make them stay little.  Since I know this is not possible it is with mixed emotions that we prepare for this new chapter in our life.   It is bittersweet to look back on the memories from AES.

Some of the pictures are actually pictures of pictures.  Hopefully I can get my scanner to work so I can replace them with better quality pictures.

Wow.....look how much he has grown in just 1 year!!!
Hunter & Mrs. Melissa Smith on the 1st day of 5th grade.

Hunter & Mrs. Smith on the last day of school

1st Day of School Haley(4th) & Hunter(5th)
Field Day

Hunter & Dorsey boys (Connor & Blake) at car duty first week of 5th grade
Hunter & his 5th grade teachers Mrs. Smith(Language Arts & Social Studies), Mrs. Hulley(Science) & Mrs. Yoder(Math)

Hunter, Griffen Gallimore & Connor Dorsey
We are so proud of you Hunter!!!
Hunter & his 4th grade teachers
Mrs. Angie Kee(Social Studies), Mrs. Tonya Hawkins(Language Arts & Math) 
& Mrs. Genni Mashburn(Science)

In honor of our armed forces, policeman & fireman we have a Freedom Walk every year around September 11th. 
4th grade music program.  Oh, how Hunter loves music programs!  LOL  He really begs not to go everytime.

Hunter, Jonah & Haley at the end of the school year.  Hunter (4th grade), Jonah (Kindergarten), Haley (3rd Grade)
TCAP Pep Rally 4th Grade
4th Grade End of the Year Awards
4th grade Field Day
Hunter & BFF cousin Beau on the last day of 4th grade
Hunter & his 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Luanne Pyron

Hunter & his 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Wendy Gabb
Hunter & Mrs. Kristy Ford

Mommy was the Mystery Reader for Hunter's class


Hunter & his kindergarten teacher Mrs. Jenny Grimes
Hunter & Mrs. Grimes last day at AES
Birthdays are fun in Kindergarten

100th day of school Who is that silly boy in the black shirt on the back row with his hands in his mouth?
Chef of the Week

Gingerbread Houses
Bailey Grimes(Hunter's teachers daughter), Hunter & Beau

 We love you Huntman! You will do great in Middle School!

Summer before starting Kindergarten
Avery Wiseman, Beau McKay & Hunter at their pre-school graduation

Hunter & Avery at 5th grade Luau

For the past few years me and a coworker taught on the kindergarten hall.  We would get tickled at how many parents would cry as they left their babies at school.  I am now that parent and it is not so funny.  I never knew how hard it was going be to send my child to another school.  He is excited and ready.  My wonderful coworkers have done an awesome job preparing him for middle school.  I am so blessed that he was able to attend school where I teach and that he has had such talented teachers during the past 6 years.

On a personal note I held it together really good until after the program when Rob and I walked Hunter down the hall to get checked out.  It was at that moment I had to head to my classroom so Hunter wouldn't see the tears that were on their way.  They stopped by my room on the way out and I was still crying.  Hunter sat in my lap and said "Momma it's going to be ok."  I don't think he understands just how much I love him.  I am so thankful God choose me to be his mom.  I have felt really silly with all the tears I have shed this week until a good friend of mine said "teachers kids leaving for middle school is like other people's kids going to kindergarten."  This made me feel a little better.  I am very excited for him and this new adventure.  I know growing up is inevitable but why does it have to happen so fast?  It is NOT good for those of us who are not good with change. 

AMS look out Hunter is on his way!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stormy Weather

Memphis weather has been crazy lately.  Either it is freezing, flooding or sirens blaring because of tornado's.  Well tonight wasn't any different.  They started calling for bad weather tonight around lunchtime today.  My sweet friend & coworker Jenny Carter was freaking out because they put us in the high risk category for tornado's.  Tonight we grilled out steaks waiting to see what the weather would bring us.  We heard the sirens so we ran to the.........porch to check out the storm.  I know this wasn't the smartest thing to do and had we seen anything crazy we would have been in the closet.  I caught some pictures of a huge cloud rotating at the base and lightning.  We thank God that all our friends and family are safe.
lightning in the rotating cloud

we watched this cloud rotate until it got out of site

My Storm Chasers lol notice Haley has one foot out and one foot in the door.  She doesn't like storms.

picture towards Arlington where the tornado was spotted

Our reminder that God is always in control.  Beautiful view after the storm.

Proud Momma

I'm so proud of my Haleybug.  The 4th grade awards program was today.  Haley was on Green Team and made Citizenship that is all E's(excellent) conduct all year.  Haley worked very hard this year.  It paid off, she made honor the last 9 weeks.

My sweet beautiful daughter

I LOVE my family!!

Well it was a rainy Tuesday and the last week of school.  I was worn out.  My wonderful mom decided to cook lasagna and invite my siblings over.  Both my sisters and their families came but brother's family wanted to stay home.  We ate our yummy dinner and the kids headed outside to play while the adults talked.  Well in my family being outside with the kids is much more fun than being inside so we all headed out back.  What was a kids game of whiffle ball became a kids vs. adults game. 
Amy and Hannah before the game started
Beau helping Izzie bat the 1st time.  She didn't want help the next time.

Izzie ran straight to 2nd.  Hunter was swinging between batters.

Jonah being Jonah

Charlie batting

silly Huntman

Carter trying to get Charlie out

Hannah Grace smiling for the camera.  She probably thinks Aunt Zig has a camera growing out of her face. LOL

Haleybug taking a cut

Charlie saying "throw it to me"

looking for the foul ball

Haley trying to teach Izzie to play 1st base

Mamaw and Hannah

Charlie says "I'm ready"

Beau "Here's your picture!"
Kids patiently waiting their turn to hit.  Oh and they had the secret weapon on their team....Mamaw!

Kids waiting on the adults to hit the ball.  Most of the adults hit fly balls and made outs.
Rob, Amy and Heather take their positions

Jason's on first, oh and Haley got a hit and is on first too. Drandad is pitching!

I love my family.  I thank God everyday for blessing me with such a wonderful family and for the closeness we share.