Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

What a beautiful weekend.  We were free from sports this weekend which gave us an abundance of family and rest time.  By Sunday we were asking ourselves "How do people who don't play sports do it?"  While we LOVED every minute of our time off we actually missed our busy schedule.

When I said time off I mean we didn't have games.  That didn't stop us from getting in the yard and pitching.

Thursday night Haley had Katey spend the night.  They had so much fun.  We pitched for a little while then headed to dinner at Wendy's and the see the movie Soul Surfer.  The girls loved the movie.  I cried the entire time.  It is such a motivational movie about determination and never giving up no matter what the obstacles.

Friday and Saturday we did a lot of nothing but we did get to spend some time with Hannah, Charlie and Heather.  =)  Here are a few pics.

Sunday was Easter.  We had a wonderful worship service and then were off to the park for Easter with my dad's family.   Here are a few of my favorite pics
My sweet babies!!  
Hunter 11 & Haley 10

Beau & Hannah Grace
My sweet nieces Izzy & Hannah
Hannah Grace

Me & Hannah

I love all these McKay's

Charlie & Hannah

The worlds BEST grandparents!!!
Aunt Zig Zig sneaked Hannah a Sprite

Haley decided to hide eggs this year instead of hunt.  When did my babies grow up and why so fast?


Grandad "Drandad" is always a good taxi

This is Izzy only hunting the pink eggs and throwing back the dirty ones.

Mamaw Carole and Izzy

Mamaw and Drandad with the grankids

Robbie & Izzy

Haley, Izzy and Aunt "Me"

We are very blessed to have such a wonderful close family.  I love spending time with them!
As I was laying in bed I was thinking about how much my children fight with each other.  I feel like every time we get in the car I am a referee.  I thought back to my childhood and how my parents always said "Stop fighting!!! You don't realize it but one day you girls will be best friends!" We always laughed at that thought.  I can positively say my parents knew what they were talking about.  I am so proud to have Amy and Heather as my sisters.  They are truly my best friends!  I love you both!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

It was a lot of fun and 4th grade won.  Haley was so excited.

The rest weekend started off with Haley and I having an early dinner with Monica & Kaity Gallimore and then a 7:45 softball game for Haley.  She started the game as the pitcher.  She always tells us her stomach hurts before the game.  I try to explain that it is butterflies but she says that doesn't make it any better.
The first inning she struck out three batters.  She is working hard and we are so very proud of her.
When her game was over(9:30p.m.) Rob called and said they were waiting for umpires to start Hunter's game.  The game was suppose to start at 9:00 in Southaven.  Since they hadn't started I decided to book it down there.  It took about 35 minutes to get there.  When I arrived it was the 4th inning.  Hunter was about to step up to the plate.  Hunter jacked his first homerun of the season to straight away center field.  I was jumping for joy.  It was so worth the rushing to get there.  I was so glad I didn't miss it!
Saturday and Sunday would bring even more Tigers baseball.  We had a great busy weekend!  I am sooooooo proud of both my babies.  I love them so much and I am so thankful they are active.