Thursday, October 5, 2017


School started for the teachers. All the 1st and 2nd grade teachers went to Mezcal.

While I was sitting in class I got these two pics of my boys.  Glad they were able to get outside & have some fun.

It was neat this year because Amy had to teach a class that I was in. It was fun watching her in action.

  This is how Beth does meetings. Never a dull moment!

School starting means the start of football. The jamboree was at Millington this year. 

 I cherish every cuddle I can get because I know next year they will be few and far between. :(

School starting means grandaddy makes breakfast! I love seeing these kiddos every morning.

I had to add this pic because not everybody sees the silly side of Hunter. They only see the competitive get down to business side. Well he has a hilarious personality and shows it often!

This pic was sent to me by another mom. The baseball seniors.

I love getting to see the WIlloughby girls at school. They are so sweet!

The baseball boys got the fight. I would put which fight, but I really didn't care who was fighting and didn't ask. I was just glad to get a pic. 

Robbie is working the chains this year.

We hosted one of the senior meals. It was neat to see all the boys off the field having fun.

 AHS Senior Football players c/o 2018

 I think Tate has finally gotten use to me taking pictures!!

Carter had his birthday party. I hung out at the party with these beautiful girls. Isabelle & Delaney

Hunter watched his Hudl films and made notes during the party. 

These two just make my heart happy. I love my Beau & my Hannah Grace!!!

 More Tiger Football...

 I love this pic of Hunter & Tate talking to Julie & Grammy.

We are looking forward to a great football season!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Back to School

I can't believe I have a Senior and a Junior. Where has the time gone.


Jonah is in 8th grade, Carter is in 6th & Isabelle is in 3rd.

We had a great first week of school. I can't believe that my kiddos are growing up so fast!