Friday, July 13, 2018

Hunter's Graduation & parties 2018

On May 15th my baby boy graduated from High School. I am so proud of him and his hard work.

 The paparazzi showed up for graduation.

 Since Amy teaches at AHS she got to see Hunter before the ceremony. She sent me this picture to say HAHA!

Jessica got this picture with the boys. It turns out this was the only picture I got of some of these boys.

Finally Hunter walked across the stage. We followed the rules and didn't yell but he knows we were yelling inside.

 We are so proud of Beau!

 Moving their tassels

Party at Great Oaks

Party at Arlington

 Party at our house

I have had a hard time with all the "last" that have happened...last football game, last baseball game with buddies, last banquets, last day of school etc. Kevin Gallimore sent me this picture. It was a good reminder that Hunter and Haley are God's children and he loaned them to me for a short time. I hope and pray I did a good job leading them in the right direction towards him.