Thursday, December 14, 2017

Winter Formal

This year we had to get two ready for Winter Formal. It was a bit different than years past. Boys are easy. They just get dressed. Girls have hair, makeup, nails, dress, shoes. Me NOT being a girly girl, I had to enlist friends for help and I knew I would forget something and I did. I forgot to get Haley & Sydney a corsage. :(

Haley decided a week before the dance to go with a group from church. She was so excited. I am SOOOOOO thankful for friends who could help out at the last minute. Kim Headley did a wonderful job on her hair & Laurin Willoughby came over and did her makeup. Both were beautiful! 
We met Monica & Kaity on Friday night to get nails done.

 Beau drove the group from church to the dance. 
So thankful for sweet cousins.

 Haley, Mallory, Noah, Jake, ??, Beau

Hunter & Sydney took pictures at Shelby Farms. I was so glad Sydney's mom & sister could do their pictures since Haley wasn't ready yet. 

Since Haley wasn't ready when Hunter left I didn't get any pictures. I asked Hunter to please get one when he saw Haley. They sent me this. :)

They both said they had a great time! I love these two so much!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Football Banquet

We are super proud of these two. They are both amazing young men. They work hard on and off the field.

Hunter & Coach Sykes
Hunter made the comment that in three years he has never heard Coach Sykes say a bad word. That is impressive, especially for a head football coach. It is awesome that he lives by example.

I am very thankful for Coach Mac and the time he spent with Hunter. He would call or text him in the summer and ask how baseball was going. He did not have to do that but it meant a lot to Hunter. It let him know that he cared about him not just for what he could do on the football field.

2018 Seniors

Hunter has made All Region every year he has been on Varsity. We are very proud of his accomplishments in his "bonus" sport.

Can't believe it's over but so thankful for so many years of watching this kid play football. Also thankful for four years of injury free high school football. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Hunter's Senior Pictures

We were so lucky to find Rachel to take Hunter's pictures. She goes to church with us and has very reasonable prices. Hunter was a good sport and the pictures turned out wonderful!!!

I can't believe this kiddo is a senior. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I know God has big plans for him. I love you Hunter!